After three weeks of perceived backward motion (since February 23, 2013), yesterday we began forward motion as MERCURY TURNED DIRECT.
Mercury remains in PISCES until April 13, 2013.
We can’t expect our minds to suddenly have clarity on the direction forward yet, for a bit longer our minds will continue to inhabit intangible realms of spirit and unimaginable open spaces.
But now there is motion forward. We begin to move toward new more assertive spacesĀ  and we begin to understand what knowledge has been assimilated during this intensely sensitive and transcendent time.
We have gathered much inner knowledge and understanding during this time that requires us to reset our travel plans as we step forward.
Whether we have been aware of it, or not, we have been treading some intensely deep and unconscious places during this time.
Now, as we begin to move forward, we are well advised to open our eyes and our minds fully. Accept what we see, even if it is highly inconvenient.
We are now encountering, or about to encounter, ourselves and our situations, in a manner that requires us to move in a different direction than we previously anticipated.
Look to the house where all these Pisces planets have been traversing. (If you don’t know, send me your correct birth information (date, place, exact time), write and ask me… I’ll let you know)
Now we are ready to receive our first glimpses of this new ground we find ourselves inhabiting. New Opportunities and New Responsibilities abound.
Our awareness will grow and deepen over the coming weeks.
Don’t expect to immediately understand this change, or for it to be easy to implement. We may feel excitement or we may feel intense dread, most likely a combination stirs within!
Sit with it a while longer, begin to unravel the clues, it will take some time before clarity comes easily.
For now, know the path forward is being cleared. Take time to observe, consider, and keep the path clear of debris.
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Keywords: perception, awareness, motion

images by Rene Magritte