All issues of mother and mothering are in the astrological domain of the Moon. The Moon in your birth chart provides information about your relationship with your mother, your sense of yourself as a woman and mother, as well as your emotional nature, subconscious instinctual nature, and the deepest NEED of your personality.



In honor of Mothers everywhere, I have set aside time to meet with you for a half hour conversation at $58. (a fraction of my normal rates).


In this powerful conversation we will discuss:
*  the Sign placement of the Moon at the time of your birth
*  the phase of the Moon at your birth and what that tells us about your position in a cycle of lifetimes
*  Aspects between the Moon and other planets at your birth and how they impact your emotional needs
*  Significant planetary impacts to your Moon in current time and how to manage any changes at hand
Feel free to share this email with your friends, your daughters, and your mothers!
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We will meet on Zoom (as long as you have a good internet connection, this will be simple) for an intimate conversation centered around your personal astrological Moon.

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