published Jan 5, 2013

Today we are going to consider the soft emotions of empathy, compassion, affection, receptivity, and kindness as it relates to the house placement of the MOON in our horoscopes.

If you do not know what house your MOON is in, send me your birth information and I will let you know.

I will need your date, place and exact time of birth!


Empathy, compassion, affection, receptivity, the potential for suffering, and kindness are the gifts bestowed upon us by the placement of THE MOON in our horoscope.
The MOON reflects the energy of THE SUN out into the area of our chart that we need these gifts most powerfully!
We are only looking at the House Placement of the Moon today, we will look at the Signs another day!

The sometimes harsh, unrelenting light of the powerful SUN is diffused and softened as it reaches us through it’s reflection upon the MOON.
When the MOON is well aspected in the natal horoscope it stimulates our ability to express compassion, empathy, and affection.
I suspect that if we are to honestly look at the house placement of our natal MOON we will find that where she resides is an area of great suffering as well as of great joy. Isn’t it through suffering that we come to the development of compassion and kindness. As we suffer we understand the suffering of others.

This is an area of our lives where we are terribly driven to ensure that our most deeply sensitive needs are met. If we do not work to fill the reigning need represented by our MOON, our lives will be empty, indeed.
Wherever The Moon is, we are extremely vulnerable, we are easily hurt and we gain powerful sustenance here as well.

This is where we must work hard to sooth ourselves, to meet our needs, to learn self-comfort, self-acceptance, self-love.
In this area our efforts are used for understanding self and others, and for the development of compassion.
Think about the house that holds the MOON in your chart. Consider how you are currently working on developing a soft touch in this area, and how your efforts to fulfill your needs/vulnerabilities in this area have added to a growing kindness and compassion in your life, toward yourself and others.

Please share with me any thoughts you have as you consider how this works in your life/horoscope!


Here are a few key words for each house to get you thinking!

First House: Personality, Outer Expression, Appearance, Personal Projection


Second House: Personal Values, Self Esteem, Material Assets & Security


Third House: Thought Processes, Perceptions, Learning, Siblings


Fourth House: Emotional Foundation, Home, Domestic Life, Mother

Fifth House: Creativity, Play, Romance, Self Expression, Where we give love


Sixth House: Routines, Job, Service, Responsibilities


Seventh House: Partnership, Close Friends, Relationship


Eighth House: Other People’s Values/Resources, Control Issues, Legacies/Inheritance


Ninth House: Philosophical View, Cultural Exchange, Advanced knowledge, Philosophy, Wisdom


Tenth House: Social Status, Public Life, Reputation, Career

Eleventh House: Community, Love Received, Aspirations

Twelfth House: The Unconscious, Secrets, Service, Suffering

Share with me please.
For me, it is a Seventh House Moon. The area of personal intimate Relationships has been a place of deepest sorrow and the very heights of joy. After many years of profound selfishness in Relationships I have come to an equally profound compassion for others.