It never fails to intrigue me, how the energies in our lives and in the universe continue to ebb and flow, always changing. Just when we begin to adjust to one form something new comes along and the entire picture takes on a different dimension, a new perspective. The new perspective requires new responses and we move along, always new, always changing.
We have had much Sagittarius energy for the past few weeks, culminating yesterday with Sun, Moon, North Node, Mercury and Venus all in Sagittarius. Our energy has expanded, our opinions have formed, our eyes have been turned toward freedom, independence and growing wisdom. We have felt a drive toward new experience, new ideas and new ways of thinking. We have seen the possibility of a new future for ourselves and for our culture. Perhaps our opinions have been expressed with some rashness and lack of tactfullness as we have insisted that we be understood and respected.
Today the pendulum swings, we sense a need for caution as we move forward. We begin to see the need for discipline and mature action. It is now time for solid reality to take center stage, to make sure we do not go too far astray as we seek freedom. Now we begin to understand that in order to attain the world we know is possible, we must be willing to put our shoulder to the wheel and do the hard work necessary.  We must set our vision and focus our attention. There is much to understand as we approach the new world that is being created during this time of vast transformation.
VENUS AND THE MOON ENTER CAPRICORN today.  The Moon will only rest here a few days as she moves ever forward throughout the zodiac. VENUS will stay for a bit longer, entering at 8:08am and staying until December 20th.  During this time we feel our values shifting into more serious concerns.  We understand that there is much that can only be accomplished with stability and hard work.  With VENUS IN CAPRICORN the issues of relationship and money come together in a manner that is important to pay attention to.  We need to develop an understanding of the connection between relationship and money.  We need to understand how our relationship and our finances work together.
With Pluto in Capricorn this area of money and finances is currently undergoing massive transformation throughout the world.  As Venus approaches Pluto it is a great opportunity for us to really take a deep look at our relationship to money, how we relate to others around money and how money affects our relationships.
Please, please read this book. It explores, on a social, political, and personal level, the transition in money and economy that is upon us today. The full text is being made available on this website, one chapter at a time.

Sacred Economics:

Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition

by Charles Eisenstein