Thoughts today:
Mercury represents our thinking patterns. What we think about and how we process, and further communicate, that information. Paying attention to the issues of Mercury brings us closely in touch with the workings of our minds.
What is mindfulness and how does help? how can we make sense of the content of our thinking minds? How many thoughts go through us in a day, an hour, a minute?  How can we make decisions with so much ‘riding ‘ on the decisions we make?  How can we know what is right, good, best – wrong, bad, worst? Trying to make sense of the content of our minds is enough to make us crazy, paranoid or riddled with anxiety! It is surprising that so much gets done in the world and that so many of us function as well as we do.
In examining your chart, think about what is under the chatter of your mind (Mercury)? How loud, how insistent is the chatter (what are the aspects to Mercury)? What does the chatter have to say, what is the content (what sign and what house is it in)? What is underneath the chatter, what painful and wondrous issues are hidden under all that noise (what houses are ruled by Mercury)?
When we think about mindfulness, it just seems too simple. Almost too naive to consider. Just let your thoughts go, empty the mind of issues of the past or the future, let go of the story line, be with the reality of this very moment. My fingers on the keyboard, the warm air of a summer day, the sound of a truck driving by.
Until recent years I believed that I needed to use every bit of my active mind to FIGURE THINGS OUT!  I truly believed that I needed to outwit life in order to make it work in the ways that I desired.
Life is difficult, challenging to say the least. I never felt as smart as other people around me so I assumed that I would have to work harder, analyze more.  Wow!  Mercury!
If I take a look at my chart (8/8/1955; Boston MA 9:17AM) and the condition of Mercury it is clear that I think a great deal about ‘others’, about being seen by others, about showing up – larger than life. Six planets in Leo, including Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Mercury & Pluto! It is all so big and so bright, it just HAS to be terribly important! With all this energy in the 11th house, who supports ME becomes paramount. A ton of ego! Yet Saturn squares all those LEO planets, indicating major delays and constant frustrations. Saturn’s involvement also indicates the potential of a break-through in the older years! Until then the frustration, restriction, limitation and depression are immense. The Light, the Passion of so much FIRE is nearly extinguished. Time and age are amazing teachers if we can learn to stop the fight. Even that powerful ego of LEO can finally see its demise as the way to peace. It is very hard work to keep that ego on top, somewhere along the way I finally got beaten down enough to understand!
We all have our stories, we all have Mercury and it’s conditions to contend with and learn to work with. Mindfulness is helpful in making our lives work. Knowing the situation of Mercury in your own life will help you to understand and work with your mind. It is in working with your mind and learning to release attachment that we find peace.

How are you doing in befriending your mind?
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