Mercury Retrograde: Astrology Weather February 3, 2014 – February 9, 2014

This week we turn toward a more personal focus. Our thoughts are on our own individual needs, our own pleasures, and our own thoughts. Consider what you need this week.  

I know you will all be interested to know that Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday, February 6th  at 3° of Pisces.
It is almost as though Mercury realizes she is about to make contact with Neptune and quickly turns away. Perhaps we aren’t yet ready to look at the world through the filter of such sensitivity and idealism.

There are projects and plans that must be complete before we move any further into that elusive space of mind. There are tasks that must be redone before we move forward. So now as Mercury appears to move backwards we consider the reality of what we need to redo, rework, rethink, and re-imagine.

Monday, February 3, 2014:

In my mind when I write these posts I consider that Monday morning means that everyone is heading back to work. I realize that is not the reality of everyone’s life (certainly not my own!) but for purposes of writing the weekly posts it works for me to think of it that way.
This week Monday begins with a powerful energy of beginnings! Moon in Aries is all about what is new, fresh, and vital! With the Moon in Aries our emotional nature is self absorbed, we want what we want! We don’t want to take ‘No’ for an answer, our own needs are of primary importance. Think about Aries as the screaming infant who wants its own way, or the courageous warrior at your side just when you need him/her. We begin the week with the attitude of selfishness, impatience, or dynamic courage. If you look around you will see impulsiveness and assertiveness openly expressed.
 It may be a cranky start to the week as that fiery aggressive Aries Moon makes contact with Uranus and Pluto. It would be easy to let frustration and even anger rule the day. However, you can stretch yourself outside of that narrow use of this energy. Look to see where you can show strength, leadership, and determination in the service of others. Find ways to utilize directed forceful energy without being locked in self-concern.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014:

On Tuesday we still have assertiveness, strength, and determination, courtesy of the Aries Moon,  without the struggle and anxiety that Uranus and Pluto added to the mix on Monday.  Early in the day (Moon Sextile Sun) look for an opportunity to bring your most dynamic energy to the service of humanity at large; keep your eyes focused on the big picture and pay attention to what needs to be done. There is certainly an abundance of energy for pushing forward.
It is important to expend physical energy in the evening (Moon Oppose Mars). Go for a long run, a vigorous hike, or get yourself to the ski slopes! Get some of that energy out of your body; no team sports please! This is an individual and solitary endeavor. Without expending pent-up assertiveness you could easily become frustrated and short-tempered with others! Following the Opposition to Mars at 6:14PM EST the Moon will be VOC* until morning when she will enter the predictable calm world of Taurus.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014:

When you wake up Wednesday morning notice that whatever battle you have been fighting for the last few days is over! You will be ready to settle-in and seek-out a bit of comfort and stability. The Moon enters Taurus at 4:47AM EST. Pay attention to a deeply abiding sense of reverence*; develop the ability to notice and recognize it.
 Pay attention to your body over the next few days. Get a massage, enjoy a physical discipline/practice that is slow, deliberate, and earthy. Get in touch with your physical needs/desires. Appreciate the gift of having a human body to inhabit. Connect with beauty and wonder of this life.

At 2:51 PM EST Jupiter, which is in the nurturing Sign of Cancer, Trine Chiron. Chiron is a dwarf planet that represents our deepest wounds and our most profound healing. Whatever kindness and affection you show to yourself at this time, will empower deep healing. Show warmth, kindness, and love to yourself and all who you encounter.
*Definition of Reverence: A feeling of profound awe, respect and often love; veneration.

Thursday, February 6, 2014:

Yes, Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday, but first lets look at the Moon! The Moon in Taurus comes to her First Quarter Square (2:22PM EST at 18degrees Taurus). Consider what you began on the New Moon last Thursday, January 30. Whatever began, or whatever you put into motion at that time now requires you to take action. What action, taken now, will propel forward your aspiration? If you are certain this is the direction you want to go; take action now. Stabilize your intention with action in reality.  
Mercury turns retrograde at 4:43 PM EST I know how hard this is for many of you. People get very worked up around Mercury retrograde and yet it is a powerful time for accomplishment if we know how to use it. The key is to look at what jobs tasks projects programs are still sitting unfinished on your desk. Mercury will remain retrograde until February 28th. For now there is no point in trying to move forward on any new projects,  plans etc. it is time to complete what has been left incomplete. Clean up your desk, find all the incomplete tasks, all the phone calls you haven’t returned, all the jobs that still need a few more touches to finish. Now you can easily get them done!  It is time to redo, re-imagine, reread, rewrite, and re-create what is left undone from the past.

Friday, February 7, 2014:

Just before midnight EST on Thursday the Moon made a final aspect while in Taurus (an Opposition to Saturn) bringing a sense of hard work and responsibility into the early part of Friday. However with the Moon being VOC* until 1:44 PM EST we may be left with a feeling of frustration at not being able to accomplish what we feel like we ‘should’! Let go of the ‘shoulds’ and allow yourself to feel fine with exactly where you are in every moment. Remember you are heading toward a great weekend.  
Early Friday evening with the Moon in Gemini provides a great opportunity for socialization and exploration of new ideas. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to head home early and spend time alone with a good book or a movie.

Saturday, February 8, 2014:

Saturday morning the Moon in Gemini Sextiles Uranus in Aries! To me this looks like a day for Fun, Exploration, Excitement!  This is a time to realize that we can learn so much, enrich our lives with so many new people and new ideas. Everyone we encounter has thoughts and idea what can enrich our thinking. What an opportunity it is when we share information with others. The more unlike ourselves they are the more we can learn. Don’t narrow your social focus to people who are your age, your race, your ethnicity, or who share your spiritual or political opinions! Expand outward to those you don’t have much in common with. Share thoughts, share ideas, listen! This provides us with a great opportunity to learn, grow, and explore. Take the time to look in directions you’ve never looked before; explore ideas you never thought would be interesting. This can work well today because Moon Sextile Uranus allows us to keep our emotions objective and somewhat detached. Enjoy! Share! Explore!

Sunday, February 9, 2014:

How lovely! The entire weekend is cut out perfectly for what we would imagine a great weekend to be! On Sunday the Moon will remain in Gemini; going VOC at 4:09 PM EST following a Trine to Mars. Spend the evening finishing up preparations for the upcoming week, light socializing, reading, or light study would be a perfect end to the weekend!

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