Private Astrology Mentorship
with Laurie of Astrolore


You are here because:

  • You have a deep hunger to learn astrology to better understand yourself and others
  • You want to share your considerable astrological knowledge to help others
  • You understand the power of astrology and you want to dig deeper

Astrolore can help

There are many ways to learn astrology. There are also many ways to use astrology. The path is unique for each astrologer.

You can learn techniques by reading hundreds of astrology books, listening to podcasts and videos, attending conferences and classes, you can spend hours doing research online. You will learn a lot by doing all of these things.

However, there is nothing that will focus your studies and move you forward with more confidence than working one on one with a skilled and motivated mentor.

Astrolore can help

Having worked as a successful consulting and teaching astrologer for over 25 years, I am passionate about guiding my students and mentees on their individual path with astrology. As your mentor, I will be invested in guiding and supporting you to your individual goals.

With my support, you can stop wasting your time by going down unnecessary rabbit holes (and yes, there are more than you can imagine). With my support, you will reach your objectives.

Determine if one (or more) of these statements fits you:

  • You understand all the basics of astrology and yet you are intimidated at the thought of giving a ‘reading’ or ‘consultation’
  • You have studied for years, have practiced with friends and family but do not know how to become a professional astrologer
  • You are doing consultations and try to call yourself a professional astrologer, but you secretly feel like a fraud
  • You are intimidated by other astrologers and don’t know how to move forward with confidence
  • You know you need a system for preparing and presenting a consultation
  • You want to work with an open-minded, non-judgmental, experienced astrologer who will support you, answer your questions, and guide you forward
  • You have a powerful commitment to becoming the best astrologer you can be and you could use a helping hand

Astrolore can help

The skills you are looking for are those that come with practice. Working with an experienced astrologer/ mentor who is willing and able to share their experience will profoundly accelerate your skills and confidence.

There is no doubt

Together we will determine what is most relevant to your learning. We won’t waste time on what you already know or are not interested in. Our time together will be focused on what is most important to you. We will maintain flexibility to allow for changes in your focus as we move forward.

Through our work together you will develop your unique voice and your individual philosophy of astrology.

We will utilize hands-on practice with charts of your choice and ‘mystery charts’. I will provide feedback and constructive critique every step of the way.

What You Get

Each program includes:
  • Four live 75-minute private mentor sessions with me (on Zoom) over a 4 month period
  • an additional (highly valuable) ½ hr session between each full session is available for a minimal additional cost. This will help keep you on track and provide more learning opportunities
  • A video recording of each session
  • A copy of your personal curriculum plan (that we will develop together) so that we are each clear about what will be covered
  • Exercises/ homework to be completed by you between sessions in order to practice the skills you are learning
  • Feedback on your work
  • Lessons and handouts that will make the learning process fun and engaging
  • Book recommendations, highly personalized feedback, acknowledgment, perspective, and encouragement
  • An invitation to The Annual Astrolore Autumn Retreat (held in Northern Vermont) to gather, learn together, and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage in New England. We shall see what happens following Covid.


Educational Tracks

Astrolore offers 5 core tracks for individual mentorship. Everyone takes a unique path in their study of astrology. Your personal path may start in the midst of track 2 or 3. We will move at the pace and through the steps that are most appropriate for where you begin and where you want to land.

Track #1: The Absolute Basics of the Natal Chart

I will help you focus on reviewing or refining your technical skills as you fill gaps in your current knowledge.

Topics we may cover:

  • Understanding the Natal Chart
  • Houses
  • Signs
  • Planets
  • Bringing these together
Track #2: Going Deeper into The Natal Chart

With these techniques, I will support you in uncovering the hidden magic within a natal chart.

Topics we may cover:

  • Aspects
  • Rulerships
  • Nodes
  • Tyl tips & tricks
Track #3: Developing a System for Consultation

Together we will develop a powerful standardized system for use with each natal chart. This will allow you to engage your creativity without losing focus on what is most important in each natal chart.

Topics we may cover:

  • Developing a Solid System that works with every chart
  • 15 Keys to Analysis
  • Working with Mystery charts
Track #4: Forecasting the Future/ Understanding the Past

I will help you learn to work with techniques that represent the unfoldment of time in the human life cycle

Topics we may cover:

  • Transits
  • Cycles of time
  • Progressions
  • Solar Arcs
Track #5: Working with Clients & Personal Development for Astrologers

I will help you learn to build a successful consulting astrology practice.

Topics we may cover:

  • What it takes to be successful
  • Connecting with and listening to clients
  • Building your business
  • Money
  • Ethics
  • Developing your philosophy
  • Delivering challenging information – communication skills

4-month Mentorship $680

Add-on Fee: $199

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Students words:

“I have been working with Laurie for several months now and she has really helped me become familiar with the language of astrology. I had treated astrology like a hobby for many years and she inspired me to delve into the subject with a new perspective. I still have much to learn, but Laurie’s lessons have helped me to feel confident that by using her techniques to ask the right questions, the client will get a sense of themselves and lead to a satisfying consultation. I am very grateful to have found such an intelligent and inspirational mentor to study with!”
~RH (Colorado)

I am so lucky to have found Laurie! I was searching for how to compose an astrological sentence, so of course, I googled it…I came upon a tutorial on just how to do it. I was shocked that it made so much sense! I was so pleased that I decided to e-mail Laurie and told her my story. She suggested a consultation and so we spoke, and we clicked! I have been studying with Astrolore since January and it has been an extraordinary experience. Laurie is a fun, creative, and brilliant astrologer and teacher. I can make mistakes with her and know she will kindly correct or look at it from my perspective. She is very humble and is always learning, even if it’s from her students. I am so grateful that I found her, and I am completely hooked on her methods and ideology. Love, love, love!
~LF (New Jersey)

Laurie is an inspiring, open-minded teacher who shares her wealth of knowledge in such a practical and mind-blowing way! Laurie has taught me so much more than Astrology, she has helped me to unfold my greatest mystery … MYSELF. This has truly helped me to transform my perspective of not only myself but others too. I have learned to cultivated compassion and understanding for everyone’s walk of life.
~NB (Vermont)

As your Mentor, Laurie commits to:

  • Active Listening
  • Gaining your Trust
  • Encouraging you deeply
  • Identifying the space between your Reality and your Goals

What I expected of you:

  • Study and apply what you are learning
  • Take creative risks and stretch your thinking
  • Receive feedback without defensiveness
  • Be ready to articulate what you are learning – be vulnerable
  • Show initiative when appropriate – seek out resources on your own
  • Follow-through
  • If you need to change agreements, communicate in a timely manner
  • Persist when things are not easy
  • Communicate any issues or dissatisfaction

Final Words of Praise:

The EXPERIENCE of working with Laurie is unique and special. It’s not the knowledge that she has gained and shares so openly from 50+ years of astrology study. Its not just the intuitive understanding she exhibits in teaching her individual students. There is something intangible and so very warm it draws you in as you absorb the gift she gives of her experience and the wisdom gained from working with many thousands of charts and clients.

Working with Laurie in an unforgettable experience. She is funny, irreverent, brash, surprising, and blunt. She is incredibly generous with her wealth of knowledge, information, resources, and open-hearted attention.

Contact me for a free conversation to talk about your interest in this personal one-on-one training program.

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