How much thought do we give to the workings of our minds?
There are not many things in our lives that are more important than how our minds work, and what we place our minds on. Our lives are created from our thoughts, and our relationships are created from our expression of those thoughts.
As we follow our thoughts, our lives are formed.
Yet many of us have little understanding, much less mastery, over how we think or what we think about. Perhaps it would be prudent to give some consideration to this, our most important resource.
How we communicate, how we process information, our intellect & vocabulary, our ability to speak, write, perceive, think, and understand are all functions belonging to the territory of MERCURY.
Once you know the SIGN OF THE ZODIAC that Mercury resides in, in your personal HOROSCOPE, you will begin to understand your perspective of, and impact on, your environment. There are other factors in the horoscope that impact the picture, but this is the place to begin.
Is your mind (Mercury) assertive & courageous (Aries), slow & steady (Taurus), quick & curious (Gemini), caring & warm (Cancer), dramatic & dynamic (Leo), organized & meticulous (Virgo), deep & mysterious (Scorpio), expansive & philosophical (Sagittarius), disciplined & ambitious (Capricorn), brilliant & unusual (Aquarius), or imaginative & vague (Pisces)?
If your Mercury is in Sagittarius it would probably not be wise to take a job as an accountant. If you have Mercury in Taurus you would likely not be effective, or happy, as a high-powered salesperson.
You and your partner may have a difficult time understanding why it is so hard for each of you to maintain open loving communication in your relationship. If your Mercury is in deliberate, reliable and conservative Taurus, it is no wonder there is difficulty with your partner’s Mercury in unpredictable, rebellious, and unusual Aquarius.

There are different, perhaps equally reliable, ways that we can get to know ourselves.  We may choose to spend years in a therapist’s office exploring our childhood, learning to understand all the issues that have affected our development, or analyzing our dreams. We can go on retreats, sit on a cushion and meditate to come to some understanding of the terrain of the mind. We can spend years studying Astrology enough to get a full understanding of the language of our horoscope, or we can get an astrological consultation with a reputable astrologer who can guide and lead us to a deep understanding of our potential and life development.
I am available (in person in Burlington Vermont, on the telephone or on Skype) for An Authentic Astrological Insight Consultations assisting genuine human beings who are working toward a greater understanding of self/other.
© by Laurie Farrington
Astrolore – March 2012