Today the Moon is in Cancer. On such a rainy day (here in Vermont) we all wish we were home with a warm cup of tea, a hot bowl of soup! Ahh, for the life of my cat!
Regardless of our wish for that ‘sweet stay at home day’ there are powerful forces to contend with that would likely even make a day at home more complex than that of the cat!
For the big news today Mars (in Aries) squares Pluto. How has this energy felt to you as it has been building over the past few days? Take a moment, pay attention to how you have been feeling and using this powerful, potentially explosive energy!
Have you found yourself struggling to contain inner frustration? Are you working to get old clutter (inner or outer) organized and cleaned up? If you are experiencing a deep edginess and volatility perhaps you need to do some internal purging, or at least clean out your closets! Find intelligent ways to use your power to transform your life consciously and with precision. This is a great time to get rid of what is not working in your relationships, your home, your job or your mind!
Are there areas of your life where constant struggle has gotten you nowhere? Perhaps those are places where you must ultimately surrender to the battle in order for a true life changing transformation to occur. Mars and Pluto bring together issues of battle, surrender and transformation.
Purge – Eliminate!
Avoid power struggles. Don’t be a bully or entertain a bully during this time.
Along with the power and intensity that the combination of Pluto and Mars bring us, we also have Mercury retrograde conjunct Jupiter (both in Aries) today! Our ideas, thoughts, communications and promises may be so large as to be totally out of proportion! This combination also provides us with an ability to see the big picture in many life situations that have seemed elusive in the past! If you know what house Aries occupies in your chart, look to this area to understand where this energy is taking place for you.
Communications can be powerful and life changing during this time.   Exercise a bit of discretion in choosing your words. There may be lasting consequences if we neglect our ability to see the largest perspective possible and thereby allow ourselves to get caught in power struggles. There is much to learn by observing the power dynamics you may see in all areas of life today. Watch the political situation!
This evening the Moon will move into Leo bringing with it a desire relax a little, to be seen, appreciated and to have a bit of FUN!