Today the planet of initiative and dynamic energy (MARS) enters the sign of efficiency and precision (VIRGO).
Normally Mars takes approximately two months to move through a sign.  With the upcoming Mars retrograde, we will have Mars in Virgo for 8 1/2 months! This happens approximately every 15 years.  This offers us the opportunity to have time to truly utilize this extremely practical and useful energy!
Virgo is the sign of dedication, humility and just plain hard work. Virgo has the ability to see the potential in a situation and has the drive and determination to move relentlessly toward that potential. With a full 8+ months we can accomplish much, we have no excuses!
We are able, at this time to bring action, energy, assertiveness and self-determination to areas in our lives that we see need improvement. We must determine what areas in our life, and in the world around us, need our dedicated effort. We are able to see the hard work that must be done to bring us to the future we envision as potential. We must take advantage of the opportunity and the ability to work the details meticulously. With a full 8+ months we can accomplish a great deal, we can really put out nose to the grindstone, so to speak. There are no excuses, it is time to get to work! We are able to improve the areas of our personal lives and the areas of our culture that need attention.
I believe that the OCCUPY movement will benefit greatly from Mars in Virgo!  Getting clear and efficient is just what the movement needs and now is the time!
Start today, make the plans. Chances are you have instinctively been aware and observing for a while but now it is time to put the plans in writing, make them real! What areas of our lives have we simply not been paying enough attention to?
Clean your closets, get efficient in your spending habits, your eating habits, all your health care issues! Start new routines regarding finances, health care, exercise or diet.
Pare down your life, get rid of what you don’t need! Find what in your own life can be offered as a service to those who are in need. Where can you help the larger community outside of yourself?
Transform your relationship to how you care for yourself and others. Now is the time!