‘Ice Stream’ photo by Laurie
Now This Is Exciting News!! A major shift of energy!!!
This afternoon at 1:14pm EST Jupiter took it’s first steps from Pisces into ARIES!!
Everything that Jupiter makes contact with EXPANDS and becomes BIGGER!!
Aries is Innovative, Determined, Risk-Taking, Assertive, Hot, Impatient & Courageous!
The keyword for ARIES is ACTION!
Jupiter expands our need to take ACTION! to take a RISK! We have the desire to explore our own Courage and Assertiveness! We want to understand our own and other’s aggression, assertiveness and ability to take risks. We want to bring knowledge to our actions and action to our knowledge!
Are you hearing a call to Adventure and Action? If not, just wait a bit longer! In March when Uranus follows Jupiter into Aries I am sure you will hear the call!!
What have been waiting for? What have you been putting off because of caution or fear? What have you been dreaming of?
The wait is over! Prepare yourself because the time is upon us!
Patience will be difficult! This is a time for Action! We are facing a huge opportunity to break new ground! If you must wait to cover your responsibilities make sure you are in motion toward the day you can swing the doors wide open! in answering that call!
We could experience a huge shift in our beliefs or perhaps this is a time when your beliefs come out of the closet and into a real connection with the world.
This can be a very personal shift but it is also a public/social/cultural shift as well. Whatever changes have occurred and are in process of occurring are going to be public. With this happening at the ‘Aries Point’ secrets will not last for long!
This type of transit can bring so much excitement and/or so much anxiety into your life.
Make an appointment to talk about where this is happening in your life and the best ways to use this energy!

Send me a note. Let’s set up a time to talk in person, on the phone or Skype.
‘Down Tree’ photo by Laurie