Lunar Eclipse – Sensitive Information

November 28, 2012:

Yes today’s Full Moon falls partially in the earth’s shadow creating a (FULL MOON) LUNAR ECLIPSE!

An eclipse of the Sun (November 13) never comes without an eclipse of the Moon (today).

They always come in groupings.

A solar eclipse (always at a New Moon) is accompanied by a lunar eclipse (always at a Full Moon) either two weeks before or after.

During the two week period of time between the eclipses, the Moon travels halfway around the Earth in its orbit and will very form another nearly straight line with the earth and sun creating the companion eclipse!

So, what can we expect? 

We can expect a powerful GEMINI FULL MOON with emotional tentacles into a wider range of time.

A LUNAR ECLIPSE is an intensification of the already unpredictable and powerful energy of the Full Moon!  The issues of the Full Moon come to the foreground with a great disruptive energy.

If we have been avoiding things or sweeping them under the rug eclipse time often brings them to the surface.

What has our own personal process been these past two weeks?  What has been our emotional environment?

Are we finding ourselves with an abundance of too many complex thoughts and ideas in our minds?

Do we feel that we need to cram more information into our minds than we can manage?  Do we find ourselves with more information than we need or want about some emotionally charged situations?


Pay attention to new information but do not fall into the trap of thinking that it is all worthy of attention!

Practice discrimination! Take in what is needed and what has depth enough to have value.

Have we received communications recently that are causing upheaval?  

Do we find our minds virtually spinning with so much information, so much to remember, so much to keep track of! 

Practice patience. We do not always need to respond. We do not need to remember everything.

Take it easy. 

As a matter of face I think it would be a good time to take a break from information.

Spend a day feeling instead of thinking!

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