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Thursday, November 29, 2012:

Okay, before I talk about today I really need to vent about my day yesterday!

Please, let’s not have a day like that again! Am I alone in this? I would love for you to share about how yesterday was for you!

Perhaps it was the LUNAR ECLIPSE? The MARS CONJUNCT PLUTO still hanging on? VENUS still suffering through her her recent connection with SATURN?  THE CRAZY SOLAR FLARES?  Or perhaps a combination of all of this along with the back drop of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO!?

Here we are just about to enter December 2012, the month and year that have been talked about so much and the air feels thick with intensity, aggravation, and turmoil.

If you are lucky enough to not have it affecting you personally you are surely seeing it in the lives of your family, friends, clients, and coworkers!

I think yesterday was just too much! Too much information! Too much intensity! I know that I felt overwhelmed! It was difficult to keep my mind from going into negative and/ gossip!

An overdose of GEMINI! 

I hope you fared better than I did yesterday! It felt like a real meltdown day to me and I really don’t have too many of those in my older years!

The Moon is VOC between 8:04PM EST last night (Wednesday) and Friday at 8:55AM EST! This is one of the longest VOC periods I have seen!  We are having particularly long periods of VOC due to the fact that all the planets are in early degrees of their signs.

The Moon is VOC from the time it makes it’s last major aspect to a planet in one sign and it’s entry into the next sign. Remember this is not an advantageous time to begin anything that you want to develop or amount to anything. Keep low key.

Now, for today: It is a much simpler day than those we have been moving through. Simple and with a touch of beauty and passion for the asking.

What a treat!

Please take a moment this morning to let go of the stress of the week. We really don’t need to carry it today!

The only major aspect we have today is VENUS SEXTILE MARS AT 5:32PM EST.

This provides us with an opportunity to explore love, to have a romantic adventure. A day to put our energy into beauty or love!

This is a great day for any artistic or romantic endeavor!

We feel more social, it is easier to be friendly and accepting of all sorts of people!

What a relief! Enjoy!

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