‘Winter Walk to Work’ photo by Laurie

Tuesday, February 1, 2011.
Mars conjuncts the Sun at 14 degrees of Aquarius.
Opposing my Sun and 7 planet stellium in Leo in the 11th house!

With an Aquarius focus there is the question of where we belong in the larger picture of humanity at large. Who are our ‘friends’? Who are the people we feel the responsibility, and desire, to uphold and who uphold us in our lives? Who do we support and who supports us as we move in our own individual directions forward into our lives?

Now is a time to explore those friendships. A time to look to the people who allow us to be our true selves, without expectations, those people who do not try to hold us back. Where do we belong? How do we find, or develop, our Tribe?

Energy. Assertiveness. Something Unusual. Something Unexpected.

Uranus (ruling Aquarius), is still holding steady in Pisces. It is moving quickly to reconnect with Jupiter in Aries. We know we are in a holding pattern, waiting for the shift of energies in the next few months.

Expect the unexpected. Keep your eyes and your mind open.

Perhaps it is time to look at the patterns that have held us back from connecting with our Tribe. Time to look at where we have continually been hooked into patterns that have not worked to our advantage. Time and Time again we tend to take the same turns, regardless of the results.

Perhaps now we are ready to open our eyes to see where we have repeatedly made the same mistakes. We have followed this path many times. Perhaps we are finally able to see it in time to stop the tide. It is not easy.

Consider the possibility of taking a new turn and working to develop a new Tribe or deepening the connections you currently have.

‘Warm Kitchen in Winter’ photo by Laurie