Sun Enters Libra  – September 23, 2023, 2:49 AM ET (adjust for your timezone) – Autumn Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) or Vernal Equinox (Southern Hemisphere)

Laurie and Jennie discuss the sign of Libra, the main themes of the Libra season, and the week-by-week breakdown before launching into the personal impact of the Rising sign. Watch the first 26 minutes for a general understanding of the next few weeks, then skip ahead to understand the personal impact based on your Rising sign and Sun sign.

If you don’t know your Rising sign, use your Sun sign and contact us to get more information about your Rising sign.

Time stamps:

  • Start: 00:00

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  • Aries: 26:30
  • Taurus: 30:59
  • Gemini: 36:43
  • Cancer: 41:17
  • Leo: 45:46
  • Virgo: 50:15
  • Libra: 56:34
  • Scorpio: 1:00:23
  • Sagittarius: 1:04:05
  • Capricorn: 1:08:26
  • Aquarius: 1:12:11
  • Pisces: 1:17:11

As the cardinal air sign, Libra announces the new season of autumn (Northern Hemisphere) and spring (Southern Hemisphere).

Libra usually suggests a time of socializing and celebrating our partnerships. However, with a solar eclipse and the South Node in Libra, Pluto in late Capricorn squaring these Libra planets, and the North Node approaching Chiron, there is deeply personal work to do. This work regards how we relate to others and the world.

The astrological patterns suggest releasing unconscious habits of dependency and retrieving banished inner authority, in order to initiate a brand new direction.

The Aries Full Moon on September 29 brings these issues into sharp relief, preparing you to accept this challenge for the rest of the season. The inner planets of Mercury, Venus, and Mars all shift into new signs. Mercury is very busy, making 6 aspects to outer planets and starting a new cycle on October 20. Venus, the ruler of Libra spends half the month in brash Leo before changing into Virgo on October 8.

Don’t forget that your personal work has a greater impact on the collective than you can imagine!

AstroPath is the collaboration of Laurie Farrington of Astrolore and Jennie Date of Hidden Path Astrology.

Light, Love & Astrology, Laurie & Jennie