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MoonLore with Laurie and Jennie.

The New Moon in Libra, exact September 25, 5:54 PM EDT, puts the emphasis on issues of diplomacy, charm, social graces, and possibly romance.

Libra is the Cardinal Air sign, bringing our attention to strong intellectual action.

The area of your life (house) that holds the New Moon is determined by your rising sign. If you do not know your rising sign, read for your sun sign or simply go on instinct. Where in your life are you looking for more beauty and pleasure?

Listen to the first 20 minutes which are for everyone!

Then use these timestamps to go directly to your Rising and/or Sun signs:

  • Aries: 22:36
  • Taurus: 24:29
  • Gemini: 26:06
  • Cancer: 29:10
  • Leo: 31:49
  • Virgo: 34:26
  • Libra: 37:07
  • Scorpio: 40:30
  • Sagittarius: 44:41
  • Capricorn: 47:04
  • Aquarius: 49:38
  • Pisces: 53:17


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