Berries & Pine’ Photo by Laurie

Libra Moon brings us to thoughts of desire for, and experience of, human relating. We think of Libra in terms of understanding balance, beauty and diplomacy. Relationship.

When we think of Moon in Libra we think of all the best of human relationship and social kindness. Of course there is so much more to Libra and today we see a side that we don’t often consider.

Aesthetics and a highly intellectualized ego reign supreme here.

Saturn connects with today’s Libra Moon suggesting the addition of a bit of depression or heaviness. This combination may also manifest as a need to structure and contain the Libra energy.

The Moon also makes contact with Mars in Capricorn today. This suggests the potential of hard work, quiet anger, perhaps resentment, I can imagine energy of an insistent nature, perhaps even a demand added to certain situations. Perhaps it is time to say what has needed to be said for some time now.

Is there something that needs to be done, something that you are avoiding because it just isn’t going to ‘look good’?

What is holding us back from saying what needs to be said? Look deeper today.
Allow yourself to see the truth in yourself. Don’t be surprised if it’s not what you expect and not what you want it to be. Open your hear and be kind to yourself. Use what you see inside to learn compassion for others.

Don’t you think that just about everyone wants a perfect cup of coffee on a cold winter morning?

It is nearly time to prepare for forward motion. We have been stalled on this track – almost long enough. Almost. But still a bit of patience. Hold still and breath – a bit longer.

Take a moment to sit and get quiet. You will be better prepared when the time is ripe.

‘Holiday Gifts’ Photo by Laurie