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The Libra Full Moon at 26 degrees is exact on April 16th at 2:55 PM EST.   
Consider what has been building or growing since the Aries New Moon on April 1, 2022. Think also about the larger cycle that began at the Libra New Moon on October 6, 2021. What began at that time that is now being illuminated? 
The Full Moon provides clarity and you will see what adjustments need to be made. Pay attention and adapt as necessary. 
 Where will you personally see the illumination of this Full Moon?    
The timestamps are provided for your convenience.  
Laurie and Jennie bring you an interesting perspective on astrology. I’d encourage you to listen to the whole thing. You will learn a lot about signs and houses as you absorb and experience their fun banter. There is much to learn.   
AstroPath brings you MoonLore, Laurie is Astrolore – Jennie is Hidden Path, together we bring you AstroPath  
If you have Aries Rising: 24:06
If you have Taurus Rising: 25:10
If you have Gemini Rising: 27:28
If you have Cancer Rising: 29:00
If you have Leo Rising: 30:15
If you have Virgo Rising: 31:48
If you have Libra Rising: 34:48
If you have Scorpio Rising: 35:47
If you have Sagittarius Rising: 36:53
If you have Capricorn Rising: 37:58
If you have Aquarius Rising: 39:09
If you have Pisces Rising: 39:09

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