Leo New Moon – Looking Forward To The Weekend!

Big changes coming over the next few day.

Plenty to enjoy!

LEO WARMTH never lasts very long.

Enjoy every moment! To the fullest!

Today (Thursday) the CANCER MOON makes its rounds of difficult aspects. (MOON SQUARE URANUS; MOON OPPOSED PLUTO)

Very early in the morning her emotions struggle with detachment and dark hidden forces.  We may wake up with difficult dreams or nightmares that take time to shake off. Offer patience and kindness along with the morning coffee and the rest of the day will smooth over.

The big news today is the movement of VENUS into LEO (until August 21st). bringing drama, expression and creativity to our romantic and social relationships. We are able to bring more generosity, creativity and play into all areas of our lives. Be sure to get out and enjoy all the things that summer has to offer: parties, live music, festivals and all types of gatherings! Invite everyone you know to participate in this season of pleasure. Host a party! Share a dinner or a bottle of wine! Create reasons for yourself and others to shine!

MERCURY enters VIRGO briefly until it turns retrograde on August 2nd and transits back into Leo where it will remain until September 9th.  On Friday MERCURY OPPOSES NEPTUNE showing us a lack of clarity in our thinking and our communications. Let yourself dream, meditate or write poetry. Don’t even try to “figure it out” or analyze a single thing. Any conclusions reached or decisions made will likely be reversed or regreted, as we see them from a very different perspective later. Relax into the energy of Neptune and appreciate the value of imagination and inspiration. Things are not as they seem under this transit, so just don’t expect your thinking to be solid or unchanging.

When you wake up on Saturday the MOON is in LEO and the day of the LEO NEW MOON.

NEW MOONS are all about new beginnings. This new moon is closely connected to both the expansive energy of JUPITER and the restrictive, structuring energy of SATURN. Be patient with what you hope to create at this time.

There are things under the surface that have not yet come to light.

Keep your heart open and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability and generosity are true gifts of LEO.

In my natal chart I have 6 planets in Leo and my Moon in Aries. This time of year is always very intense for me. Full of excitement and more drama than I need or want to manage.

I feel a constant burn.

This year I am trying to handle it a bit differently. Pull back… breath… feel the burn without responding so quickly. Easier said than done as I feel that HOT! HOT! Sun approaching first my Venus, then Moon, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Pluto. I so look forward to this time, and it is truly the time of my year and yet there is always an intense relief when it is over. I look forward to the coolness of Virgo as a time of rest.

But for now:



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