New Moon at 26º Leo 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020 10:41 p.m. EST 

Written by Jennie Date of Hidden Path Astrology https://www.hiddenpathastrology.com/  

The New Moon in Leo occurs late this August, as summer wanes to the harvest season of Virgo.  In the northeastern U.S., it’s time to complete outdoor projects and soak up the last lazy days of summer.  Gather your internal resources by reveling outside while you can. Absorb Mother Nature’s rhythms into your roots, before rolling up your sleeves to prepare for the cold season. Take this opportunity to seek a carefree escape into the mountains, rivers, and forests.  

Leo the Lion leads with generosity, warmth, and playfulness.  Though, Leo in shadow does earn its bad rap as arrogant and obnoxious.  Present leadership illustrates that version quite well.   When balanced, the Sun in Leo sits regally in its own domain, warming all that exists with bright, spontaneous, creative energy.    

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are fused together, leaving little gap between thoughts, feelings, and actions.  In the fixed fire sign of Leo, this intimates a flavor of unabashed self-centeredness.  Mars, super strong in its home sign Aries, provides an unfettered flow of heat and fuel to the trio and encourages taking action without consideration.  This is a shoot-now-and-ask-questions later set up. It is all too easy to be self-righteous and bombastic (Mars/Sun/South Node grand trine).  The good news?  With a little effort, we can adjust and upend that communication into learning and listening (Gemini North Node).  

Meanwhile, harmonizing Venus in Cancer attempts to interrupt (45º semi-square) the king Sun.  Think of the goddess in Mother phase, asking the king if it’s really a good idea to send his most volatile warrior (Mars) on such a contentious mission.  But the king seems to have already made up his mind.  He feels the pressure from the other most prominent aspect in this horoscope: the exact quincunx (150º) made to Saturn at the moment of the New Moon.  Saturn, also in its own domicile of Capricorn, poses a significant threat to the sovereignty of the Sun, demanding a return to the status quo, and frustrated (retrograde) at having to ask again.  This New Moon wants to start a new cycle of celebration and performance but Saturn in full tyrant mode makes this difficult.   

Uranus, the planet of disruption and awakening, is in cahoots (sextile) with Venus as she petitions against the use of force.  Leo might be too cozy with Aries, and trying to solve problems using the same toxic energy that created it just isn’t going to work. Venus suggests a cooler, more grounded, and more compassionate approach.    

Think of Uranus in Taurus as Mother Earth trying to wake us up before our lives on this planet are disrupted beyond recognition. Venus in Cancer gently takes us aside, as a mother would her misbehaving children, to let us know the consequences of our immaturity.  Venus chides the Leo configuration, asking it to set a tone of positive leadership, rather than blast ahead.  There is another way, she suggests.    

Right at the end of August, Venus has a much more direct conversation with the patriarchy on this matter. Mars retrogrades on September 9th, bottling up anger and ferocity in a way that lays the foundation for some explosions over the course of the next few months.   

Individual Impact: If you have your horoscope in whole sign house system, look to the house that contains the sign of Leo. If you are using another house system look to the house that has Leo on the cusp.    

Consider what seeds of generosity, playfulness, and warmth you want to plant in this area of your life.  Review your own relationship to anger, frustration, and will power.  How can you be part of the solution and bring cool-headedness to situations as you seek to bring balance in your life? What work do you need to do to create space, breathing room, and kindness at this new moon?