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Dear Friends,

Welcome to my blog on this rainy February Friday – Full Moon in the last degree of Leo! This is the 5th month (and last in this series) of Full Moons that have occurred at the 29th degree of it’s sign! The final degree of a sign brings us full circle and pushes us forward into the next sign. To me this indicates that it is a time for our eyes and minds to open to a change that has been working within us for the past 5 or 6 months.

This Full Moon is opposed by, not only the Sun (which is what makes it a Full Moon) but by Mars and Neptune in Aquarius as well. our attention is drawn to the Leo – Aquarius axis. This combination brings an unpredictable, humanitarian edge to our extroverted generosity. Leo must understand the larger picture of humanity, to move beyond immersion in personal ego to the inclusion of ‘others’; Aquarius must come to an understanding that individual needs must be considered in order to bring the larger community forward.

We are motivated (Mars) and have no doubt that this is the end of a cycle. We are likely confused and a bit fearful of the direction ahead but there is no doubt of what must be left behind.

Leo must be seen and appreciated for her fullness, her generosity and her growing wisdom. The full Moon brings to light where we are not being seen and valued for all that we have to offer. It is time to move forward and witness the full extent of transformation that occurs when we are fully valued. Our best work can only be done when it is seen and acknowledged. It is time now to open our eyes to the places where that is not the case and find the way to change that situation. There is no blame in this, it is likely that we have kept our light hidden. Now is the time to take the cover off and SHINE!

Neptune is a major player in this Full Moon as well, our imagination is activated and stability may be lacking. As we jump forward into the void we must also step aside and simply observe. Understand that moving through fog is often a part of how we function, do not let it halt progress. Respect it’s message: do not take ourselves too seriously, understand that everything is in constant flux, and allow imagination to be a part of the process.
Clarity will come in time.

As if this were not enough shifting energy to begin the weekend with we have several other important issues to address.
Venus is squaring Saturn this morning as well. We may be feeling emotionally vulnerable in relationships, our feelings are easily hurt or we are overwhelmed with financial concerns. We need to allow ourselves to experience the feelings without becoming too attached to them or getting caught in the stories behind the feelings. Work with patience and steadfastness. No spending sprees, or high expectations of others, over the weekend. Stay close to home, be patient with yourself and others and make due with what you have in your cupboards!

Last but not least! The Sun enters Pisces at 8:25pm EDT. For the next month our focus will be more inward as we dwell on deeper issues of the collective consciousness. Open your mind and heart to the deepest mysteries of life through connection with music, the beauty of film, art… meditation, spirituality… whatever brings you to your deepest core.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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