‘Morning Glory’ photo by Laurie

This morning we are still in the realm of the dramatic, generous Leo Moon. We want to be active and to be seen! It is easy to be outgoing, to connect with others and to be generous with our emotions, our possessions and our heart. However as the Leo Moon gives way to Virgo at 3:59 pm EDT we move toward the evening feeling more timid, no longer wanting to be in the spotlight. This evening we are more inclined to quieter activities, or we may jump into analyzing our friends, partners and current situations. We want to be in a quieter place, partaking in more demure activities.

As Mercury squares Pluto we may do well to be aware of our tendency to be critical and/or defensive. There is the suggestion that we are not feeling safe enough to let others know our true feelings or what it is we really want or need. Don’t jump out on a limb now, there is nothing to be proven by taking risks of vulnerability on this day. Save that for another day.

This evening would be good to cook a meal, go to the gym, organize your closets/cupboards or edit that novel you have been writing.

‘Berries’ photo by Laurie