Learning to Relate as Venus Leaves Scorpio

“Weeds Against the Sky” photo by Laurie


I have learned a lot in the last 48 hours about compassion. Toward myself and toward others. After working so hard to see, understand and change the most destructive, deeply ingrained patterns of our lives, it is amazing to see the power they still hold over us. These destructive ways of being and interacting with others likely have nothing to do with our fundamental beliefs. Yet they can take our emotions and twist us in ways we don’t always have control over.

Just when we think we have surpassed our most harmful tendencies, they crop up, without warning, and we end up feeling like a fool. We have all had this experience. We are all human.
If we can relax and forgive ourselves we may be able to afford the same forgiveness when someone in our life falls prey to this same issue. When we see a loved one’s greed, selfishness, jealousy or even cruelty crop up, our tendency is to think “Nothing ever changes, he/she is the same as always. He/she pretends to have grown and changed, but look at him/her! This is clear evidence that he/she is just as greedy, selfish, cruel as ever! I will not forget and trust him/her again”!
 Ah, in that moment it is easy to forget that we have been on the other side of this situation in the past. Perhaps even yesterday! Wouldn’t it be nice if we were not judged by our irrational responses of one moment, one hour or one day. Wouldn’t it be nice if we each were able to understand that we all have our own struggles that we fall back into when our emotions run high. Our internal patterns run so deep and do not release their hold easily. We think it will take an intense fight against our natural tendencies, perhaps many intense fights. But fighting against ourselves will only make the struggle more intense. What we really need to do is to see how human we are, to accept our common struggles, to forgive ourselves and each other with kindness and even a sense of humor.
Several things enter in here. Saturn moving through Libra brings so much work into the realm of relationship. So much that we need to learn is done through our struggles as we learn what we really need/want in relationships. We are also suffering through the last gasp of Venus’ movement through Scorpio. We are almost on the other side of that one. We still have much to learn but as Venus moves into Sagittarius we can do it more easily, with more fun, freedom and play.
Let’s get that part started!
“Weeds in the Snow” photo by Laurie

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