Monday morning, waiting for warmth.
Waiting for the April Sun to heat up the earth, to bring warmth to our bodies, our minds, our hearts.
However, we are in a pattern of hesitation… we know the warmth is coming, it must, and yet Saturn requires this wait. We have no choice but to learn lessons of patience, lessons that time brings to us no matter how hard we fight against them.
Today as Mercury and Mars ride together side by side we deal with our ability to bring our observations to others in the form of communications. We work with issues of assertiveness, expressions of anger and selfishness. There is not a lot of patience in Aries!
Get to the point!

Today Saturn opposes Mars, Mercury as well… giving us a perspective of time, insisting that we learn the lessons of waiting, watching, observing, and patience. Some things can not be hurried. Sometimes one has to slow down and wait.
Saturn currently is insisting that we work with these issues within the construct of relationship, of noticing the needs of others, of cooperation. The screaming infant (Aries) must learn to please the ‘other’ (Libra) in order to get her needs met. Patience.
Much of our energy is centered on issues of relationships as Saturn in Libra demands. We will do well to look at the areas where we insist on autonomy and the areas where we long for companionship.
Learning lessons of kindness, sharing and pleasing others ultimately results in our needs being fulfilled far more effectively than the tactics of the demanding screaming infant.
For today with Mercury still retrograde….. keeping one’s own council is a fine idea. Slow down and think about what you are saying.  Rushed actions and communications will be perceived as harsh, unkind and selfish and likely will come back to bite you later.
Today: accept limitations. Accept that there is much in life that is beyond our control. Cooperation will get us where we need to go.  Angry demands will bring defeat.
Cooperation and kindness are valuable skills, learned through patience and discipline. If we are able to learn the lessons of Saturn in Libra we will have our loved ones at our side to enjoy the warmth of the Sun when it finally arrives!
April 18, 2011
Laurie Farrington
“Let The Universe Support Your Growth”