More and more of my clients are expressing a desire to learn astrology.
Rather than depending on an astrologer to interpret the charts for them, many folks are realizing that they would like to learn, understand, and work with this language themselves.
I love to teach and am thrilled to take on new students! It takes time and dedication to understand this language, and along the way, there is a constantly growing self-understanding!
Folks can experience a huge shift in their lives due to the understanding that astrology brings. When we come to understand our horoscope it opens windows of perception in our minds that can never be closed again.
Once those windows begin to open we become hungry for more! We are able to see different things within ourselves that we can no longer hide from.  We encounter our deepest issues, our deepest vulnerabilities; we encounter the best and the worst of our true, honest selves.
The understanding that astrology offers is non-judgemental. This self-understanding is full of self-love and self-compassion. As we understanding our horoscopes we encounter ourselves directly without a filter. We are able to see the reality of who we are underneath all the anxiety and conversation layered over ourselves. We can see all that we have to work with and all that we need to work on. 
There is nowhere to hide from our biggest flaws and our deepest goodness. We not only have to face the worst in ourselves but we must also look honestly at the soft tender heart of love and goodness that is there within, just waiting to be discovered! 
I am thrilled to work with new students. Send me a note if you are interested!