Winds of Time and Change

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“The way of love is not a subtle argument, that is the door that leads to devastation. Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom. How do they learn it? They fall, and falling, they are given wings.” ~ Rumi

Each year, as each day, offers the mystery of what lies ahead. Do we allow the winds of time and chance to blow us on or off a path that we may or may not have chosen? Do we make a plan and do our best to create our heart’s desire?

I am more future-oriented than some folks in my life. I have had folks question this, suggesting that I don’t know how to ‘live in the moment’. However, I think my future orientation is because the rent and the taxes come due in that space of time called ‘the future’. Additionally, how would I know where to put my next footfall if I didn’t know where I wanted my steps to lead me?

The upcoming book is ready for its final edit, the next book needs to be completed, I must hire and train a new assistant, and purchase a new computer. There are dozens of clients and students to work with, health issues to manage, and personal relationships to nurture and support.


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“We need solitude, because when we’re alone, we’re free from obligations, we don’t need to put on a show, and we can hear our own thoughts.” ~ Tamim Ansary



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Monday, January 8, 2024

The week begins with the Moon in Sagittarius, expanding our emotions with enthusiasm and a need for adventure and expansion of understanding.

Anticipate a potential haze of confusion and lack of clarity to envelop your thinking and communications. Your challenge is to navigate the lack of clarity in your words and confusion in your thoughts, without losing heart. As the day unfolds, Mercury forms its final square aspect to Neptune, in a series that began on November 27th, revisited during Mercury’s retrograde on December 27th, and makes its final contact today at 8:24 pm EST.

To understand the impact on your own life, look to the whole sign houses in your natal astrological chart that hold Sagittarius and Pisces. This will show you the specific areas where this confusion is likely to manifest. Embrace a fluid mindset, and recognize that your thoughts and ideas are in flux. Your intuition is the best guide to follow as logical reason will only increase the lack of clarity and confusion.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Today, the Moon remains in Sagittarius for most of the day, offering an emotional environment of exploration as we seek higher understanding. This will blend well with the important energy building throughout the day.

At 7:07 pm EST, the Sun in Capricorn forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus. This connection serves as a notable wake-up call, injecting an element of excitement into the days ahead. You can expect to be able to express to others something exciting to you that has been difficult to express until now. The energy that has grown out of a seed planted in early May, came into full view in mid-November, is now able to be distributed to others or into the world.

To understand the personal implications, examine the whole sign houses in your natal chart that hold Capricorn and Taurus. Knowledge of what these houses represent will shed light on the specific areas where this dynamic energy will manifest for you. At the bottom of this post, you will find brief descriptions of the meanings of the 12 houses.

At 8:33 pm EST, we are ushered into a more serious and ambitious tone for the next few days as the Moon enters Capricorn. Your emotional needs turn to practical matters and long-term goals, grounding the earlier burst of energy. Embrace determination and allow it to guide your actions and decisions in the next few days.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

As we wait for tomorrow’s Capricorn New Moon, anticipation builds. The New Moon brings with it an influx of potent and favorable energy, bringing a climate conducive to accomplishment. However, in the present moment, we find ourselves in the darkest phase of the moon, suggesting that we still need a bit of quiet reflection and rest. Take time today to recharge and prepare for the momentum that the upcoming lunar cycle will bring.

Another lovely transit that occurred late yesterday and is a powerful influence on today and tomorrow is Mars forming a sextile with Saturn. This creates a harmonious interaction between the assertive energy of Mars and the disciplined influence of Saturn. With Mars (as well as today’s Moon) in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, this is doubly or triply positive.

Take advantage of your emotional understanding of what is needed to approach tasks with ambition and practicality. This is a great time to prepare your goals with determination. The cooperative energy between Mars and Saturn supports steady progress and the overcoming of obstacles.

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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Today’s Capricorn New Moon brings us to a robust new beginning, ushering in a phase of focused determination and disciplined energy. Capricorn offers practicality and ambition while the New Moon prompts us to sow seeds of intention for enduring success and stability. This is an opportune time to assess goals, devise concrete plans, and initiate ventures that resonate with your deepest aspirations.

With a lovely trine aspect from Uranus to the New Moon, the seeds we plant today will have innovation, excitement, and even luck baked right into them. If you ignore every other New Moon of the year, don’t do so with this one! W

As long as you are willing to do the work, and the seed is imbued with integrity, whatever seed you plant within the next 48 hours will grow successfully.

At 10:01 PM EST, the Moon leaves Capricorn behind and enters Aquarius. Although your focus will still rest on accomplishment and ambition, you will be more inclined to include others in your understanding of the path ahead.

To better understand today’s beautiful New Moon watch/ listen to Jennie and I discuss all the implications and how you can best take advantage of this new beginning for innovative ambitious projects and plans.

  • Aries Rising: This new moon falls in your 10th house of career and reputation. Carefully consider your career ambitions as you plant a metaphorical seed to strengthen integrity along your vocational path.
  • Taurus Rising: This new moon falls in your 9th house of higher understanding, worldview, and education. Plant a metaphorical seed to increase your mature understanding of wisdom traditions and culture.
  • Gemini Rising: This new moon falls in your 8th house of other people’s values and shared resources. Plant a metaphorical seed to develop mature boundaries that increase your ability to navigate intensity in relationships.
  • Cancer Rising: This new moon falls in your 7th house of close and equal partnerships. Plant a metaphorical seed to develop greater stability, maturity, and integrity within these significant relationships.
  • Leo Rising: This new moon falls in your 6th house of routines, health, and habitual life patterns. Plant a metaphorical seed to develop realistic and disciplined routines of self-care that will support your health and daily practices.
  • Virgo Rising: This new moon falls in your 5th house of creativity and Love given. Plant a metaphorical seed to develop maturity, integrity, and ambition on your serious path of creativity.
  • Libra Rising: This new moon falls in your 4th house of home and family. Plant a metaphorical seed to follow a path of maturity, responsibility, and integrity within your home and in your relationships with family members.
  • Scorpio Rising: This new moon falls in your 3rd house of communication and curiosity. Plant a metaphorical seed to deepen your integrity and understanding of the seriousness of your voice and the impact of your words.
  • Sagittarius Rising: This new moon falls in your 2nd house of self-worth, money, and resources. Plant a metaphorical seed of integrity regarding the use of money and personal resources, understanding the impact on your self-worth.
  • Capricorn Rising: This new moon falls in your 1st house of Self and personal expression. Plant a metaphorical seed to develop a disciplined and accomplished sense of self and a mature expression of self.
  • Aquarius Rising: This new moon falls in your 12th house of hidden affairs, intuition, and symbolic understanding. Plant a metaphorical seed to develop a serious understanding of the gifts hidden within your deep unconscious and the mystery of symbols.
  • Pisces Rising: This new moon falls in your 11th house of community and Love received. Plant a metaphorical seed to grow a community of disciplined, responsible, and like-minded folks who will support your ambitions. 

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Friday, January 12, 2024

Today brings us the Moon in Aquarius, imbuing the emotional atmosphere with a sense of forward-thinking, innovation, and open-mindedness. This encourages an exploration of unconventional ideas and a willingness to embrace individuality. Expect that your individuality is important to you. You will not be subjected to being told what to do or being restricted in any way.

Early this morning Mars, currently in its exaltation in the sign of Capricorn, forms a trine aspect with Jupiter in Taurus. This lovely interaction brings together the assertiveness of Mars with the expansive influence of Jupiter, suggesting that the day offers a surge of vitality and optimism.

Bold initiatives and strategic endeavors are well-supported. Mars in Capricorn offers the energy for a disciplined and determined approach, aligning seamlessly with Jupiter’s expansive and growth-oriented energy in Taurus. This alignment suggests a favorable time for taking calculated risks and pursuing ambitious goals. Because these planets are each in Earth signs we are referring to tangible progress in material real-world pursuits. We can balance assertiveness and practicality, harnessing what is available to us for practical solid results.

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Saturday, January 13, 2024

For the majority of the day, the Moon holds its position in Aquarius, encouraging a detachment from emotional constraints. The emotional environment when the Moon is in Aquarius is one of rational and intellectual objectivity. We can set our emotions aside and embrace unique viewpoints and unconventional solutions.

At 9:49 PM EST, Mercury, having been in Capricorn before retrograding in mid-December, now returns. During its retrograde motion, Mercury backtracked into Sagittarius, where it has lingered since December 23rd. At 9:49 PM EST, Mercury reenters Capricorn, marking a return to a more pragmatic and disciplined mindset and mental framework. Find the whole sign house in your natal chart that holds Capricorn, this is where your serious mind will support accomplishment over the coming weeks. This influence will remain with us until February 5, 2024, when Mercury will step into Aquarius.

At 10:28 PM EST, the Moon enters Pisces. This will offer a dreamy, creative, and emotionally sensitive atmosphere for the next few days. A more intuitive and imaginative approach to our emotions is encouraged at this time. It is also important when the Moon is in Pisces to allow a lot of space in our lives for rest, contemplation, and creative expression. For tonight, invite your dreams to carry you away. If you try, you may remember them in the morning. Write them down, they may have a message for you.



Sunday, January 14, 2024

Today begins and ends with the Moon passing through Pisces, bringing a dreamy and intuitive emotional vibe to the forefront. It’s always a good idea to rest when the Moon is in this mutable water sign, but even more so this morning. The only astrological hurdle (a small one at that) lies in the form of a Moon, Saturn conjunction at 5:50 AM EST.

By allowing yourself a later start, you can bypass this aspect altogether. As the morning progresses, the Moon forms harmonious sextiles with both Jupiter and Mars. This suggests a day that offers a positive and energetic influence. Moon transits pass quickly, highlighting how we can notice and adapt to the varying emotional currents of the day.

When the Moon is in Pisces our emotions take on a subtle and intuitive quality, inviting us to tap into deeply hidden inner realms. Piscean energy opens us to the feeling state of others, encouraging a sense of empathy and compassion. Allow this influence to inspire acts of kindness as well as a desire to connect on a deeper, more emotional level with others.


Simple Meanings of the 12 Houses

  • 1st House (House of Self): Represents personal identity, physical appearance, how others perceive you, as well as the energy that calls you forward
  • 2nd House (House of Possessions): Focuses on personal resources, finances, material possessions, and your self-worth
  • 3rd House (House of Communication): Governs communication, siblings, short trips, and your immediate environment
  • 4th House (House of Home): Concerns regarding your home, family, roots, ancestry, and emotional foundation
  • 5th House (House of Creativity): Relates to self-expression, romance, creativity, children, and pleasure
  • 6th House (House of Routines): Deals with day-to-day routines, health, personal self-care, daily responsibilities, and service to others
  • 7th House (House of Partnerships): Involves relationships, marriage, business partnerships, and all one-on-one relationships, including open enemies
  • 8th House (House of Transformation): Focuses on shared resources, other people’s values, shared intimacy, the management of boundaries, and powerful transformation
  • 9th House (House of World-View): Relates to higher understanding, long-distance travel, education, philosophy, and religion
  • 10th House (House of Career): Relates to your career, vocation, public image, reputation, and worldly aspirations.
  • 11th House (House of Community): Governs community, like-minded Others, social networks, and those who support your goals and aspirations
  • 12th House (House of Deep Knowing): Deals with the subconscious mind, spirituality, hidden knowing, retreat from the world