The Week Ahead

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The upcoming week unfolds with simplicity, marked by a few notable events. The focal point is Monday, as Mercury, the planet of communication, stations Direct. This suggests that the fog of Mercury retrograde begins to lift, allowing for clearer communication, smoother decision-making, and improved plans for the future. As Mercury resumes its direct motion, it invites us to move forward with newfound clarity and momentum.

Also on Monday, Venus forms a challenging square aspect to Saturn, introducing a need for diligence and effort in our connections to others. This encourages us to address any underlying issues and commit to the effort required for the long-term success of partnerships. It’s a time to assess the structures of our connections and invest the necessary energy to strengthen and solidify them.

Thursday brings a noteworthy shift as Mars, the planet of action, enters the disciplined and determined sign of Capricorn. Mars is very strong in Capricorn, and its entrance into this sign enhances our focus on goals, productivity, and strategic planning. This influence encourages a methodical and ambitious approach to our endeavors, setting the stage for disciplined long-term plans, efforts, and achievements.

Throughout the week, the Moon travels from Virgo, through Libra and Scorpio before ending the week in Scorpio. It starts in Virgo, emphasizing practicality and organization. On Tuesday evening, the Moon enters Libra, promoting a desire for harmony and balance in relationships. Thursday morning finds the Moon moving into Scorpio, intensifying emotions and encouraging depth of understanding. As the week concludes, the Moon enters Sagittarius on Sunday afternoon, infusing a sense of adventure and optimism into our emotional experiences.

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Monday, January 1, 2024

As we welcome the start of a new year, the planets continue their path around the ecliptic. Big changes are afoot throughout 2024. As you plan for the months ahead please be mindful of the balance between personal desires and the responsibilities we not only carry but honor as well.

As the year begins the Moon is in the analytical and detail-oriented sign of Virgo keeping our emotions steadfast as we look ahead. At 8:26 am EST, Venus forms a challenging square aspect to Saturn. You may feel a decidedly uncomfortable tension between love and responsibility, pleasure and duty. The challenge of this discomfort asks that we seek a balance between our desires and the practical realities of life.

At 10:07 pm EST, Mercury, having been retrograde since December 13th, stations direct. Mercury, the planet of communication and thought processes will slowly return to its quick motion through the zodiac. This signals a turning point and a green light for progress as we move forward into the new year. The past few weeks may have brought delays and introspection, but now that it is direct, we can expect a smoother flow in matters of communication, travel, and decision-making.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Today, the Moon continues through the practical and methodical sign of Virgo, influencing our emotions with a desire for precision and order. This encourages us to focus on pragmatic tasks, attention to detail, and efficiency. Emotions are processed through a practical lens today. We may be inspired to organize and streamline our surroundings, thus bringing a sense of calm and clarity to our emotional landscape.

At 7:47 pm EST, the Moon transitions into Libra, bringing a shift to the emotional atmosphere. Libra, the cardinal air sign ruled by Venus, seeks harmony, balance, and connection between self and others. As the Moon enters this social and diplomatic sign, there’s an emphasis on finding common ground and creating harmony in our interactions. Socializing, cooperation, and a desire for beauty and aesthetics are heightened.

Winter Sun


Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Today unfolds with a focus on harmony and connection as the Moon moves through the cardinal air sign of Libra. Ruled by Venus, Libra offers a keen awareness of relationships and a desire to bring balance to our interactions. Today carries a need for sociability, encouraging us to engage in shared experiences that bring pleasure and connection.

This evening, at 10:31 pm EST, the Moon reaches its last quarter phase. This lunar phase is positioned halfway between the full moon and the new moon, which signifies a pivotal moment in the cycle. This is a time for reflection and assessment, urging us to review the goals set during the Sagittarius New Moon on December 12 and make necessary adjustments. Under the influence of Libra, the emphasis is on finding fairness and equilibrium in our decisions and actions. Release what no longer serves us, clearing the path for new beginnings as the moon wanes and we approach the next lunar cycle (Capricorn New Moon – January 11). Bring a thoughtful and balanced approach to the day as you navigate the changing lunar energies.

Morning Fog


Thursday, January 4, 2024

Today unfolds with the Moon continuing through the diplomatic sign of Libra, setting the tone for a day that prioritizes harmony and balance in our social interactions. Ruled by Venus, the cardinal air sign of Libra directs our attention toward relationships and the pursuit of aesthetic pleasures. Social engagements are favored, and there’s an inclination to approach connections with a thoughtful and considerate mindset.

In a notable shift at 9:57 am EST, Mars, the planet of action and determination, enters Capricorn. Mars finds great strength and effectiveness in the disciplined realm of Capricorn, where it is said to be exalted. Mars will remain in this cardinal earth sign until February 13th. During this time our actions will be more purposeful and methodically planned.

In Capricorn, Mars operates with a sense of assurance, only engaging in endeavors when there is a reasonable expectation of success. The energy of Mars in Capricorn is marked by precision and dedication, emphasizing a commitment to excellence and a focus on achieving goals with a strategic approach. Tasks tackled with ambition and capability have a great potential for success.

morning fog


Friday, January 5, 2024

Today takes on an introspective tone as the Moon enters the powerful fixed water sign of Scorpio at 7:40 am EST. Scorpio, ruled by Mars and co-ruled by Pluto, brings deep emotions and an inclination to delve into the hidden realms of our experiences. Under this influence, there is a heightened sensitivity to what is unspoken or below the surface. Explore your most authentic innermost feelings and be willing to confront deep truths. Scorpio encourages profound connections as well as delving into emotional undercurrents.

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Saturday, January 6, 2024

Today, the emotional landscape continues its immersion in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. You can expect your feelings to be deeply introspective and private. Scorpio invites us to explore the deepest levels of our emotional integrity and authenticity. Delve into the hidden layers of your psyche, and explore a deep understanding of your motivations and desires.

At 2:13 pm EST, the Moon sextiles the Sun in Capricorn. This presents an opportunity to make significant progress in tasks or goals. The combination of Scorpio’s emotional depth and Capricorn’s practical and disciplined energy offers synergy for focused efforts. Channel the intensity of your emotions into constructive actions.

This evening, at 8:25 pm EST, the Moon opposes Uranus, bringing with it unexpected excitement in the form of meetings, messages, or news. Uranus, the planet of innovation and surprise, can bring sudden changes or revelations. Embrace spontaneity and be open to unexpected developments. Stay flexible and welcome the unexpected with a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm.

A Twisted Life


Sunday, January 7, 2024

The day begins with the Moon continuing its journey through the intense and powerful fixed water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio’s energy often requires that we spend time alone to process a deep exploration of our most hidden emotions. Give yourself that time.

At 4:08 pm EST, the Moon leaves the deep waters of Scorpio and enters the expansive and adventurous mutable fire sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. The shift from an emotional atmosphere informed by Scorpio to one informed by Sagittarius shifts your focus to optimism and a free-spirited energy. This encourages exploration, adventure, and a broader perspective on life. Your emotions may feel uplifted with an inclination to seek new experiences and expand your horizons. Plan a trip, engage in philosophical discussions, and find a new study to engage your heart and mind.

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Simple Meanings of the 12 Houses

  • 1st House (House of Self): Represents personal identity, physical appearance, how others perceive you, as well as the energy that calls you forward
  • 2nd House (House of Possessions): Focuses on personal resources, finances, material possessions, and your self-worth
  • 3rd House (House of Communication): Governs communication, siblings, short trips, and your immediate environment
  • 4th House (House of Home): Concerns regarding your home, family, roots, ancestry, and emotional foundation
  • 5th House (House of Creativity): Relates to self-expression, romance, creativity, children, and pleasure
  • 6th House (House of Routines): Deals with day-to-day routines, health, personal self-care, daily responsibilities, and service to others
  • 7th House (House of Partnerships): Involves relationships, marriage, business partnerships, and all one-on-one relationships, including open enemies
  • 8th House (House of Transformation): Focuses on shared resources, other people’s values, shared intimacy, the management of boundaries, and powerful transformation
  • 9th House (House of World-View): Relates to higher understanding, long-distance travel, education, philosophy, and religion
  • 10th House (House of Career): Relates to your career, vocation, public image, reputation, and worldly aspirations.
  • 11th House (House of Community): Governs community, like-minded Others, social networks, and those who support your goals and aspirations
  • 12th House (House of Deep Knowing): Deals with the subconscious mind, spirituality, hidden knowing, retreat from the world