The Astrology Highlights of the Week Ahead


  • Monday:

    • Venus enters Cancer – 2:20 am Eastern Time
    • Moon enters Scorpio – 2:38 am Eastern time
    • Mercury enters Cancer  – 5:06 am Eastern Time
  • Wednesday:

    • Moon enters Sagittarius – 12:32 pm Eastern time
  • Thursday:

    • Sun square Neptune – 2:12 pm Eastern Time
    • Sun enters Cancer – 4:50 pm Eastern Time
  • Friday:

    • Capricorn Full Moon – 9:08 pm Eastern Time
  • Sunday:

    • Moon enters Aquarius 11:15 pm Eastern Time



Monday June 17th, 2024


As the week begins, the Moon’s presence in Scorpio sets a deeply reflective tone. The Scorpio Moon insists that we explore the deeper levels of our emotions and desires. This is a time to reflect and uncover something long buried.

Venus and Mercury’s transition into Cancer on Monday brings a shift towards nurturing and emotional expression. In Cancer, Venus encourages us to seek comfort in our relationships and to cherish any safety we can create with our loved ones. Mercury in Cancer enhances our communications with empathy, making conveying our feelings and understanding others more deeply easier.

However, with Mercury squaring Neptune, clarity in our communications may be elusive. Misunderstandings and confusion may occur as Neptune clouds our thinking. Avoid jumping to conclusions, focus on listening and gathering information before making decisions.

The Mercury-Venus conjunction in Cancer is a beautiful aspect occurring at 8:42 am Eastern time. This offers a wonderful opportunity to express love and appreciation. It’s a time to speak from the heart and allow our words to be a soothing balm for ourselves and others.

Questions for today:

  • How will I balance introspection and compassion today?
  • What strategies will I use to navigate misunderstandings?
  • How will I express love and appreciation to others?




Tuesday, June 18, 2024


With the Moon in Scorpio, anticipate powerful emotional experiences and a strong desire to uncover hidden truths. This period often brings heightened intuition and a focus on personal empowerment and resilience.



Wednesday, June 19, 2024


As we reach the middle of the week, we experience a dynamic blend of energies, beginning with the Moon’s presence in introspective Scorpio and transitioning into adventurous Sagittarius at 12:32 PM EDT. This invites us to move from the deep, transformative work of Scorpio into the expansive, optimistic spirit of Sagittarius.

In the morning our focus is on introspection and emotional depth. As the Moon enters Sagittarius, the energy lightens and our spirits lift. Sagittarius brings a sense of adventure, curiosity, and a desire for new experiences. This is a perfect time to expand your horizons, seek out knowledge, and embrace the excitement of the unknown. Let your curiosity guide you, and explore new perspectives with an open heart.



Thursday, June 20, 2024


Thursday offers powerful astrological events, starting with the Sun forming a challenging square to Neptune, exact at 2:12 pm EDT. This may bring confusion, misunderstandings, and a sense of disillusionment. Stay grounded and mindful, avoiding the pitfalls of unrealistic expectations or deceptive situations. Clear communication and patience are key to navigating the nebulousness of this transit.

At 4:50 PM EDT, the Sun enters Cancer, marking the summer solstice. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, symbolizing the peak of light and the official start of summer. This reminds us to celebrate warmth, abundance, and the fullness of life. Reflect on your own personal growth and set intentions for the coming months.

With the Sun in Cancer, our focus turns to home, family, and emotional security. Develop a clear understanding in the coming days about what is required to protect those you love. Cancer’s nurturing and protective energy encourages us to create safe, comforting spaces and deepen our connections with loved ones. This is a time for supporting the emotional well-being, of ourselves and those we love.

Questions for today:

  • What strategies will I use to stay grounded and clear-headed during the Sun-Neptune square?
  • What intentions will I set at the summer solstice to nurture and deepen my connections with loved ones?
  • How will I celebrate this longest day of the year?



Friday, June 21, 2024


We start the day with the Moon in optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius, encouraging us to explore, expand, and enjoy freedom as we seek new horizons. Sagittarius encourages us to look beyond the mundane and find excitement in the unknown.

At 12:22 PM EDT, Mercury forms a sweet sextile with Mars, infusing our communication and thoughts with action and drive. This boosts our mental agility and confidence, making it a great time for initiating conversations, making plans, and taking decisive action. Perhaps there is a project you are ready to start or a discussion you’ve been putting off. Now is the time to push forward.

At 7:09 PM EDT, the Moon enters disciplined and ambitious Capricorn, and shortly after, at 9:08 PM EDT, we experience the first Capricorn Full Moon this month. This Full Moon at the first degree of Capricorn, shines a light on goals, responsibilities, and the structures of our lives. Celebrate and reflect on your achievements as you set practical plans for the future.

The Capricorn Full Moon urges us to balance our ambitions with emotional wisdom. Assess your long-term goals, recognize the hard work you’ve done, and make adjustments where necessary. This grounded stable energy helps us focus on what truly matters, providing clarity and determination.



Saturday, June 22, 2024


The Capricorn Moon continues its grasp throughout the day, emphasizing practicality, discipline, and commitment. This is an excellent day for tackling tasks that require focus and persistence. Whether you are organizing, planning, or simply grounding yourself in your daily routines, the cardinal earth sign supports your efforts.



Sunday, June 23, 2024


As we wrap up the weekend, the Moon remains in pragmatic Capricorn until late tonight, offering a day of productivity, discipline, and focus. Tackle your responsibilities and align our actions with your long-term goals. This is a great day for organizing, planning, and making steady progress. Embrace the opportunity of today to strengthen your foundations and lay down practical plans for the future.

At 11:15 PM EDT, the Moon enters innovative and forward-thinking Aquarius. As we prepare for the week ahead, the shift from Capricorn to Aquarius brings a refreshing change in energy. Aquarius encourages us to think outside the box, embrace new ideas, and connect with the broader community.



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