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Monday & Tuesday, June 10th & 11th 


As the week begins, the Moon is in the fixed fire sign of Leo, inviting us to step into the spotlight and embrace our most authentic selves. Leo offers confidence, creativity, and a touch of drama. This is a time to express your individuality and shine brightly in whatever you do. Whether it’s a project at work, a creative endeavor, or simply connecting with others, allow yourself to show up fully. Remember, that the best of Leo is a heart of generosity and warmth so spread kindness to everyone you encounter today.

At 9:21 am EDT on Tuesday Mars (in Taurus) forms a challenging square aspect to Pluto. Intense, passionate, and potentially confrontational energies will be activated. The planet of aggression engaging in a difficult conversation with the planet of power struggles is bound to create difficulties. Take note of the houses that hold Taurus and Aquarius in your natal chart. This is where you will feel the challenge. 

Wherever you feel a strong need for control or security you will find tension and upheaval. Tensions previously held at bay may now come to the surface.  Pay careful attention to your reactions today. Conflicts that arise may also provide an opportunity for deep necessary change. Instead of resisting the intensity, consider what needs to change or be released in your life. Use the steadfastness of Mars in Taurus to navigate these waters with patience. By facing these challenges head-on, you can emerge stronger and more fully authentic.

Questions to ask yourself today:

  • How will I harness the Leo Moon to boost our self-confidence and creativity this week?
  • What practical ways will I stay grounded during the intense Mars-Pluto square aspect?
  • How will I recognize and address power struggles that lead to personal empowerment and growth?


Wednesday & Thursday, June 12th & 13th


As the Moon enters the meticulous sign of Virgo at 1:39 am EDT on Thursday, our focus shifts to details, organization, and practical matters. Virgo’s energy is great for tackling tasks that require precision and attention. Use this time to declutter, streamline your routines, and attend to the small things that are too easily overlooked.

At 6:47 pm EDT on Wednesday, we encounter a challenging aspect as Mercury, the planet of communication, meets Saturn, the planet of limitations and discipline, in a tense square. This highlights potential obstacles or delays. It’s important to approach conversations and interactions with patience and attention to detail. Misunderstandings or critical feedback may surface, but remember that this can provide valuable lessons. Embrace the discipline Saturn brings and use it to refine your ideas and plans. Patience and perseverance are your allies today.

On Thursday we experience an opportunity for healing as both the Sun and Mercury form a sextile to Chiron. This suggests that opportunities may arise for vulnerable and healing conversations. Chiron, known as the wounded healer, helps us understand and calm our most difficult states of consciousness.

The Sun’s sextile to Chiron encourages us to shine a light on our vulnerabilities and embrace them as part of our unique journey. Mercury’s sextile to Chiron enhances our ability to communicate these insights effectively. This can be a powerful time for heartfelt conversations and meaningful connections. Offer compassion to yourself and others and embrace the grounded, nurturing energy of the Virgo Moon to support your healing process.

Questions to ask yourself today:

  • How will I utilize Virgo’s meticulous energy to improve your daily routines and tasks?
  • What strategies will help me navigate communication challenges during Mercury’s square to Saturn?
  • How can the vulnerability of Chiron influence my personal growth and relationships today?



Friday & Saturday, June 14th & 15th


As we move toward the weekend, Friday brings the First Quarter Moon in Virgo. This phase asks that we make decisions and take action to move forward with whatever began at the Gemini New Moon on June 6th. With the Moon in analytical and practical Virgo, this is a great time to focus on fine-tuning plans and managing details that need attention. Virgo is methodical and thorough, ensuring that our actions support the solid foundation we need for future growth.

At 12:32 pm EDT on Friday, the Sun conjuncts Mercury illuminating our thoughts and communication, offering clarity and insight. This is a time for brainstorming and engaging in meaningful conversations. The union of the Sun and Mercury enhances confidence and precision in our communications. Use this time to articulate ideas and engage in constructive dialogue.

At 2:13 pm EDT on Friday the Moon leaves Virgo behind and enters Libra. With the Moon in Libra we seek balance and pleasure between ourselves and others. This is a great afternoon and evening for socializing, resolving conflicts, and showing your most diplomatic selves. The Libra Moon invites us to appreciate beauty, art, and all that brings peace and balance into our lives.

Questions to ask yourself today:

  • How will I harness the First Quarter Moon in Virgo to take decisive action on projects and plans begun at the Gemini New Moon?
  • How will I use the clarity of the Sun conjunct Mercury to further my personal growth?
  • How will I utilize the Libra Moon to help improve my relationships and other social interactions this weekend?


Sunday, June 16th, 2024


On Sunday, the Moon remains in the cardinal air sign of Libra, encouraging balance, diplomacy, and a focus on relationships. As the day progresses, we feel the influence of the building Venus square Neptune, which peaks at 11:45 pm EDT. With this transit, we may experience confusion or idealization in matters of love, relationships, and finances. Lines between reality and fantasy can blur, leading to potential misunderstandings or unrealistic expectations. Stay grounded and discerning during this time and avoid impulsive decisions based on wishful thinking. Embrace creativity and compassion while remaining aware of potential deception and escapism.



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