Astrology Highlights for the Week:

  • Monday, July 1st:

    • Moon in Taurus
  • Tuesday, July 2nd:

    • Moon in Taurus
    • Neptune stations retrograde – 6:40 am EDT
    • Mercury trine Neptune – 7:53 am EDT
    • Mercury enters Leo –  8:50 am EDT
    • Moon enters Gemini – 11:50 am EDT
    • Venus trine Saturn 9:41 pm EDT
  • Wednesday, July 3rd:

    • Moon in Gemini
    • Mercury opposes Pluto – 3:26 am EDT
  • Thursday, July 4th:

    • Moon in Gemini
    • Moon enters Cancer – 4:51 pm EDT
  • Friday, July 5th:

    • Moon in Cancer
    • Mars sextile Saturn – 3:02 pm EDT
  • Saturday, July 6th:

    • Moon in Cancer
    • Moon enters Leo – 11:55 pm EDT
  • Sunday, July 7th:

    • Moon in Leo


Monday, July 1, 2024


As the week begins, the Moon is in Taurus, the fixed Earth sign. The fixed signs seek stability, in Taurus desired stability involves practical tangible things. Once we find a secure environment we do all we can to keep it as it is. Focus on securing and stabilizing your relationships and your inner world.

At 12:19 PM EDT, the Moon conjuncts Mars, adding dynamic energy to the day. Your drive and ambition are heightened and you are urged to move forward decisively. You may feel a surge of motivation, prompting you to address issues with determination, if not confidence. While this powerful conjunction may stir strong feelings, it’s an opportunity to channel your passions constructively.

Questions to ask yourself today:

  • Do I feel more empathetic and emotional when the Moon is in Cancer?
  • How will I take advantage of the surge of motivation when the Moon conjuncts Mars shortly after noon today?
  • Who do I feel protective of and how will I express that today?




Tuesday, July 2, 2024


Neptune has been direct since early December 2023, early this morning it stations retrograde at 29’55” Pisces. It was so close to entering Aries and yet, now it has changed course and won’t enter Aries until March 2025.  While Neptune is retrograde (until early December 2024) we may revisit issues of mystical awareness or confusion that we thought we had left behind or moved beyond. During this time we must reflect on our deepest spiritual understanding and the places we may have become stuck in illusions.

Before entering Leo (8:50 AM EDT), Mercury trines Neptune, enhancing our creativity and imaginative thinking. This supports intuitive communication, making it an ideal time for artistic expression or exploring new ideas. As Mercury enters Leo our minds, thoughts, and words become bold and confident. Mercury will remain in Leo until July 25th. This shift encourages us to express ourselves with flair and enthusiasm.

At 11:50 AM EDT, the Moon enters Gemini, bringing curiosity and adaptability. This is a great time to engage in conversations about emotions or to gain emotional satisfaction through conversations and learning new things.

Finally, at 9:41 PM EDT, Venus trines Saturn, bringing stability and attention to our relationships. This aspect helps solidify bonds and encourages commitment, making it a wonderful time to focus on lasting connections.

Questions to ask yourself today:

  • How will Neptune retrograde influence my intuition and my perceptions of reality?
  • How will I use Mercury trine Neptune to open myself to imaginative thinking?
  • How will I use Mercury in Leo to bring more fun and creativity into my conversations with others?



Wednesday, July 3, 2024


Today marks the most challenging day of the week. At 3:26 am EDT, Mercury opposes Pluto, bringing intensity and change through the power of words.  This opposition creates a dynamic where words and conversations may uncover hidden and possibly disturbing information while provoking powerful pushback. This is a time of heightened awareness, asking that we be mindful of how we express ourselves and the impact of our words. Because this stressed-out Mercury rules today’s Moon (in Gemini) there is an added layer of complexity. Curiosity and a powerful desire for connection are strong yet it requires careful navigation. With the potential for power struggles and shocking revelations, we must balance open communication with thoughtful attention and consideration.

In considering the full cycle of Mercury and Pluto, think back to October 16, 2023. That began a cycle of attending to power, noticing power, or speaking to power. Whatever began at that time, today we understand and are aware of how far we have come.

Questions to ask yourself today:

  • How will I harness the power of my words and use that power responsibly?
  • What powerful and significant conversation began in mid-October?
  • What conversations or thoughts had my attention in mid-October 2023


Thursday, July 4, 2024


For most of today, the Moon remains in Gemini, energizing our minds with sparkle and curiosity. Look for lively conversations with a variety of people as you explore many new ideas. This is an excellent time to engage with others, share thoughts, and embrace the dynamic flow of information. The adaptable energy of Gemini allows us to juggle multiple tasks and remain open to learning throughout the day.

At 4:51 pm EDT, the Moon enters Cancer and your emotions shift inward, drawing attention to your emotional world, family, and home. What is important this evening is to nurture yourself and your loved ones as you create comfort and security in your environment. Take time to slow down, reflect, and prioritize emotional connections. Create a warm, supportive environment that encourages deep introspection and care.

Questions to ask yourself today:

  • How will I use the Moon in Gemini to enhance my communications and curiosities?
  • How will I nurture myself when the Moon enters Cancer?
  • How will I create a protective, safe, and supportive environment for my loved ones this evening?



Friday, July 5, 2024


With the Moon in Cancer today, focus on nurturing emotional well-being and creating a comfortable and protected environment for yourself and your loved ones. Consider what it means to safeguard what matters to you the most. Connect deeply with your feelings and prioritize security. At 6:02 pm EDT, a powerful New Moon occurs at 13 degrees Cancer, signaling the start of new beginnings and a fresh cycle. Determine your desires related to love, care, and emotional well-being. Look to your natal chart to determine what house Cancer is in. This shows you the area of life where you want these seeds to germinate. Develop a ritual of planting these seeds, laying the groundwork for deeper emotional connections.

At 3:02 PM EDT, Mars sextiles Saturn, providing a disciplined boost to your ambitions and pushing you to take decisive action. This is a great time to initiate projects that require steady effort. Combined with the nurturing energy of today’s Cancer Moon, today is ideal for balancing emotional needs with concrete actions, supporting long-term success and personal fulfillment.

Questions to ask yourself today:

  • Using the Whole Sign House System, what house in your natal chart holds Cancer?
  • What metaphorical seeds will you plant at this New Moon related to the house Cancer holds in your natal chart?
  • What action will you take today to support long-term success and personal fulfillment as Mars sextile Saturn? .



Saturday, July 6, 2024


The Moon continues its journey through Cancer inviting us to embrace emotional depth and introspection. Nurture your connections, delve into personal matters, and find comfort in the familiar. Deeply explore your inner world and attend to your emotional needs, If you are lucky enough to have them, call your mother, daughters, and sisters today.

Stay close to home, spend time cooking and doing domestic duties. These things that sometimes are a terrible chore may bring great delights today.

As the Moon transitions into Leo at 11:55 pm EDT, we can look forward to the next few days offering us an opportunity to shine, pursue creative endeavors, and embrace our unique strengths.

Questions to ask yourself today:

  • How will I slow my life down to embrace my emotional depths today?
  • What domestic activities will bring me comfort today?



Sunday, July 7, 2024


Today’s Moon in Leo charges the atmosphere with vibrant energy and an insistence to express your authentic self unselfconsciously. This is the perfect time to embrace creativity, passion, and confidence. Leo’s influence encourages you to step into the spotlight, whether that means pursuing artistic endeavors, sharing your ideas, or simply enjoying life’s pleasures with enthusiasm. Embrace your most unique qualities and let yourself shine brightly.

This is an opportunity to reflect on how you present yourself to the world. Are you expressing your true self, or holding back? Leo’s fiery energy invites you to be bold and fearless in your self-expression, as you imbue your interactions with warmth and generosity.

Questions to ask yourself today:

  • How will I express my authentic creative self more fully today with the Moon in Leo?
  • In what ways will I share my enthusiasm and warmth with others today?



The Goal of Astrology is the Alchemy of Life and Personality

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