The Week Ahead – Full Day Posts are Below

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Every week is different, like fingerprints of time. Some weeks are super dynamic and others rather simple.

The week ahead begins with the Moon in Cancer. This enhances our sensitivity and emotional connections.

Wednesday the Moon enters Leo, encouraging us to step into the spotlight, embrace our individuality, and infuse our lives with playful fun self-expression.

Thursday Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius sparking passion and creativity in our relationships and endeavors. This asks us to pursue our heart’s desires fearlessly and embrace our unique quirks and eccentricities.

Friday Mercury enters Pisces, bringing our attention to the subtle and intangible aspects of life. The Moon moves into detail-oriented Virgo, urging us to focus on practical matters and organization. This is a great time to tidy up loose ends and refine your plans for the weekend ahead.

Saturday’s Virgo Full Moon brings us to the high point of the week, shining the spotlight on themes of health, productivity, and self-improvement. This is a time to celebrate where we find ourselves, release what no longer serves us, and embrace a more balanced and disciplined approach to life.


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Do you know how to find the area of your personal life being impacted by these planetary movements? Watch the video as Laurie breaks it down and makes it very simple. Have your birth chart (in the whole sign house system) handy as you watch. Below the blog, you will find a guide to the meaning of the houses.

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these. – George Washington Carver


STABILIZING THE HEART – Monday, February 19, 2024

Monday sets the tone for the week with the Moon resting in the nurturing protective sign of Cancer. This heightens our emotional sensitivity and strengthens our connection to loved ones. The afternoon brings a supportive planetary alignment as the Moon forms a stabilizing trine with Saturn at 3:03 pm EST. This aspect lends stability and structure to our emotions, helping us feel grounded and secure in our endeavors. It’s a favorable time for making long-term plans, setting boundaries, and paying attention to our responsibilities to those we love.



Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Moon continues its journey through Cancer today. With no major aspects to contend with, today offers a serene and introspective atmosphere. It’s an opportune time for quiet reflection, deepening connections with family and loved ones, and nurturing your inner world. Take advantage of this peaceful respite to recharge your emotional batteries and tend to your loved ones as well as to your personal needs.


Guarding the harbor


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

As we reach midweek, the Moon transitions into bold and expressive Leo at 8:41 am EST. This encourages us to step into the spotlight and embrace our creativity and individuality. However, tensions may arise as the Moon opposes Pluto, Venus, and Mars throughout the day. Power struggles, jealousy, and conflicts in relationships could surface, challenging us to confront underlying issues with courage and authenticity. Use this opportunity to delve into the depths of your emotions and reclaim your inner empowerment. Don’t engage in power struggles unless you have no choice. Understanding that aspects of the Moon do not last long should help you slow down and let them pass.



Thursday, February 22, 2024

Today brings with it a dynamic convergence of passion and desire as Venus conjuncts Mars in innovative Aquarius. This conjunction sets the stage for heightened attention to our personal values and intensified romantic interests and pursuits. You may find that your relationships feel energized with a spark of excitement and intensity.

The Moon continues its journey through the fixed Fire sign of Leo, encouraging us to express ourselves boldly and pursue our heart’s desires.

Today offers a potent blend of creativity and confidence, making it an ideal time for engaging in creative collaborations, embarking on romantic adventures, and embracing our unique quirks and eccentricities. Pay attention to opportunities for connection, fun, and self-expression.


EXPLORE YOUR IMAGINATION – Friday, February 23, 2024

Early this morning, Mercury steps into dreamy Pisces, the mutable Water sign. This is the planet of our thoughts, ideas, communications, and intellect. Mercury will remain in Pisces until March 9th, during this time you can expect your intuition to be heightened as well as a blurring of boundaries between reality and fantasy. Explore the realms of your imagination, creativity, and spiritual insight. Notice that you resonate more with music and poetry during this time.

Meanwhile, the Moon remains in Leo until late evening, when it transitions into detail-oriented Virgo at 8:38 pm EST. This shift will bring practical matters into focus over the next few days. Tidy up loose ends and set your plans for the weekend ahead.



VIRGO FULL MOON – Saturday, February 24, 2024

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The weekend is dominated by the illumination of the Virgo Full Moon at 7:31 pm EST. Pay attention to renewed awareness regarding necessary changes regarding your health care, productivity, and self-improvement endeavors.

Under the light of this Full Moon, you are called to release what is no longer good for you, shedding old habits and patterns that hinder your growth. Embrace this opportunity to realign with your true purpose and values, as you navigate towards a more balanced and disciplined way of navigating your life. Take heed of the whispers of intuition that guide you towards things in your life that may be out of alignment and take proactive steps to restore harmony and well-being.

Later in the evening, Venus squares Jupiter, setting the stage for a dynamic interaction between indulgence and moderation in our relationships and financial matters. This asks us to navigate the balance between extravagance and prudence, ensuring that our actions are guided by wisdom and foresight. You may want to leave your credit cards at home and pay attention to any areas where you want to overindulge.


WELCOME CHANGE AND INNOVATION – Sunday, February 25, 2024

As today unfolds, the practical and detail-oriented energy of the Virgo Moon continues shaping our choices and strategies. The harmonious trine between the Moon and Uranus at 12:03 pm EST injects a sense of excitement and spontaneity into the day, urging us to welcome change and innovation with open arms. This creates an interest in experimentation and exploration, encouraging us to break free from the constraints of routine and traditional thinking. This is a great time to embrace fresh perspectives, try out new approaches, and adopt a more forward-thinking attitude in all things.



Simple Meanings of the 12 Houses

  • 1st House (House of Self): Represents personal identity, physical appearance, how others perceive you, as well as the energy that calls you forward
  • 2nd House (House of Possessions): Focuses on personal resources, finances, material possessions, and your self-worth
  • 3rd House (House of Communication): Governs communication, siblings, short trips, and your immediate environment
  • 4th House (House of Home): Concerns regarding your home, family, roots, ancestry, and emotional foundation
  • 5th House (House of Creativity): Relates to self-expression, romance, creativity, children, and pleasure
  • 6th House (House of Routines): Deals with day-to-day routines, health, personal self-care, daily responsibilities, and service to others
  • 7th House (House of Partnerships): Involves relationships, marriage, business partnerships, and all one-on-one relationships, including open enemies
  • 8th House (House of Transformation): Focuses on shared resources, other people’s values, shared intimacy, the management of boundaries, and powerful transformation
  • 9th House (House of World-View): Relates to higher understanding, long-distance travel, education, philosophy, and religion
  • 10th House (House of Career): Relates to your career, vocation, public image, reputation, and worldly aspirations.
  • 11th House (House of Community): Governs community, like-minded Others, social networks, and those who support your goals and aspirations
  • 12th House (House of Deep Knowing): Deals with the subconscious mind, spirituality, hidden knowing, retreat from the world