Japan On My Mind

These past few days feel like a bit of a blur. Japan is on my mind. Is it possible to truly imagine or understand what the people of Japan are experiencing?

I believe/hope that we are all beginning to realize the connection between all humans, no matter the distance between us. If our hearts are open we feel the pain that is resonating within your country, your culture, your world and each of your individual lives.

The pain that is felt in one part of our human body (or our earth) is felt in the whole of humankind. What happens to a part happens to the whole.
With an event such as this we are forced to look at how unstable our lives are, how impermanent all of life is. We must open our eyes and our hearts to the fact that we never know the ways our lives may change in a day or even in a moment. It is important that we use these experiences as an opportunity to understand the reality of impermanance in our lives. We can become more deeply aware of the gift that each day is to us and the gift of each human connection within those days.

As a gift and an honoring for all those who have died we can learn to love more deeply, more honorably and to live each day as if it really matters because it does!

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