It can be challenging, in our lives, to see both the broader perspective and the small essential details. Opening our eyes to take in the view of the entire forest and, at the same time, to see each tree, individually, is not always an easy task to accomplish.

Watching the motion of the planets over time, we  see the layers coming together to create the complications and intricacies of our daily lives and our human interactions.

The deepest layers in our current situation consist of the energies of Uranus, Saturn and Pluto all in Cardinal signs (Cardinal signs each represent a turning point, bringing us forward in a forceful and direct manner and indicate action).  The energies of the configuration being formed by these planets are  what we have been dealing with for the past year+ and that will continue to change and transform our world into 2012.  These are the energies that will make this decade a time that we refer back to as a time of great personal and collective transformation. We will refer to the 2010’s the way we refer to the 1960’s or the 1920’s. These are transformational times for our personal lives, our culture and even our species. Our lives and our minds are experiencing major flux as our very ways of thinking shift and change.

Take a moment to think about the energies involved:

First we have Uranus, the planet of intensification, originality and freedom. Uranus is impatient and far-seeing, looking ever forward to the future, toward the avant-garde, innovative and unusual. The energy feels electric, think of the sudden flash of lightning followed by intense thunder. In that moment of light we see what has not been illuminated before and can not again be denied.

Opposing that unusual and unconventional electrifying energy of Uranus we have Saturn, Father Time.  The authority, the often disapproving teacher, standing at the chalk board with a ruler in his hand, holding over us the threat of punishment. Saturn speaks to us of responsibility, reality and limitation. Saturn holds the energy of restriction and control but also form, structure and self-respect. The great gift of Saturn (if we accept his teachings) is that of self-sufficiency and necessary controls.

As these two slow-moving planets, that change the course of history through their motions, spar off against each other we must look to the third player in the equation. Pluto is at the midpoint between the two, squaring both Uranus and Saturn. Given much effort these two (Uranus & Saturn) could find common ground and balance, however, the square of Pluto to each requires an intense amount of focus to attempt the work required of this complex combination. The transcendent energy of Pluto is at cross purposes to each of the others.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and of empowerment. In order for Pluto to do what he does best – Transform – he must first destroy whatever is in the way of the transmutation. On an earth level this is the planet of powerful earthquakes or volcanos. The whole earth rumbles and quakes to destroy whatever is in the way of the ultimate transformation that is required in the culture or the life of the individual. Pluto brings us to our knees and forces us to look at issues of annihilation and the hidden forces of the underworld. Pluto brings us to the brink of darkness in order to transcend the darkness into rebirth.

Uranus wants intensity and change, Saturn wants stability and the status quo, Pluto wants power and transformation. A volatile group to sit at the table together! And here we are with all of humanity siting at the table with the three of them!

June and into July is a particularly stressful time as the Sun in Cancer lines up to form a Cardinal Grand Square with these three powerful outer planets. Moreover, July 1st marks the New Moon and an eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer, creating intense power in this cardinal grand cross!
We feel this pressure building. The intense pressure behind earth changes is the same pressure that creates diamonds!  Regardless of the difficulties we encounter, it is important that we hold a steady understanding of the opportunity of this time.  It is through these times, these challenging encounters that we, as individuals and as a culture, develop true character, strength and flexibility. This intense pressure can break us in two or it can empower us with great depth and beauty. Or, most likely it will do some of each!
Hang on for this ride. When we feel ourselves being pushed against a wall, with little sign of compassion, that would be Saturn with his seemingly unreasonable demands.  Our best bet is to work with him, study his ways and learn all we can. We will need the knowledge of stability and focus that Saturn teaches us as we move forward.
Unconventional Uranus wants nothing to do with Saturn’s ultra-conservative ways and fights against it with the heart of revolution! Uranus insists that we accept whatever intense sudden change he may unexpectedly pulls out of his hat while Saturn demands maturity and control!
Pluto is the earthquake we feel underground, warning us of the ultimate transformation that is in process, regardless of the antics and distractions of our personal, social or cultural dramas.
The world needs steadfastness and compassion to get to the other side of this transformation.  We may not know what is on the other side of this time but we, as a people, will be in a very different place, with different ways of seeing the world and with very different priorities!  The next few weeks will be intense for all of us. Open your hearts to each other in kindness.

Understand that we are all in this together.  What can you do to help?

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