Friday was a lovely day for socializing and enjoying great communications in your relationships. If you were able to spend time with siblings you likely connected well and were able to communicate in ways that possibly were more difficult in the past.
The rest of the weekend may prove to be more of a challenge.
It is certainly appropriate for the Moon to be in Cancer over this Mother’s Day weekend.  Cancer is all about the energy of being and having a Mom.  The Good Stuff – the nurturing and loving energy, the energy of care and feeding.  The Rough Stuff as well – the clinging and holding on too tight, the moodiness.
The Cancer Moon holds so much sensitivity and this weekend she is battered with rough aspects that are bound to bring up challenges to our relationships with our Moms, our daughters, our sisters and others who are close to our hearts.
Be patient with those in your life.   Take care of your hurt feelings without blaming others during this time of high sensitivity.
Many of us no longer have our Moms.  For many this is a rough holiday that holds much sadness.  A Mother can not be replaced. We must remember our memories with love and tenderness while showing love and kindness to whoever is in your life now.  Remember all that your Mom has meant to you and all the ways that you are who you are because of who she was!  Remember her with an open heart of love.
If you still have your Mom appreciate her and let her know how much she means to you. If your relationship with her is difficult, please remember she will not be with you forever.  Show kindness.

And for all of us who are mothers ourselves, remember to be kind to yourself.  Keep your expectations reasonable.  Be patient and kind to yourself as well.
Sending love to all who are Moms, are about to become Moms and who have Moms or have lost their Moms!

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