When Uranus and Pluto join together by Major Aspect, they bring revolutionary transformation. Plain and Simple. There is no doubt.
In the Summer of 2012 we encountered the first exact ‘hit’ of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO; the most powerful Astrological Transit of our times!
Every pair of planets (e.g. Sun&Saturn, Mars&Venus, Mercury&Neptune etc.) has its own relationship and its own cycle.
These cycles move in the same manner as the Moon Phases (which is the cycle of relationship between the Sun and the Moon). 
Each Cycle begins as the two planets connect in the same spot of the Zodiac (The Conjunction); this is the NEW phase of birth/beginning. The following phases (CRESCENT, FIRST QUARTER, & GIBBOUS) are the phases of preparation and building. At the Opposition we reach the FULL phase of illumination, this is followed by sharing, questioning, adjusting, and breaking down (the phases of DISSEMINATING, THIRD QUARTER, & BALSAMIC).
These are the Cycles that all of life, including our relationships and the relationships of the Planets, pass through.
In 1965/66 Uranus and Pluto began a New Cycle as they joined in conjunction at 16-17degrees Virgo. This conjunction represented the beginning of  a new revolution in human consciousness.
Due to the retrograde motions of these very slow moving outer planets there are a full Seven exact ‘hits’ of the Square between these planets which we are now working our way through. The First three ‘hits’ occurred in June 2012, September 2012, and May 2013. The next ‘hit’ occurs on November 1, 2013; followed by 3 more, extending into early 2015. Keep your eyes open to the changes that are still to come!

Here at the FIRST QUARTER PHASE of this Cycle; our lives, our culture, and our world are being revolutionized. We encountering intensity, destruction and transformation, not only within our individual lives but in the life of the culture as we have known it. Whatever stands in the way of change, whatever blocks the transformation, must be annihilated in order to bring a new world and a new consciousness into focus.

There is so much to consider in this changing world we live in. What should we focus on, how should we live our lives? Often it may feel overwhelming!

Today I want to offer you the opportunity and encouragement to look at, and explore, some of the amazingly wonderful and innovative changes that are upon us. Our culture is changing dramatically and how we live in this world is changing along with it!
So often we give our attention to the things that are difficult, frightening, or wrong in the world.  We hear the word transformation and we feel fear and expect terrible things. Let’ look on the brighter side of transformation and change!
Let’s look at where we are bringing our resources, our love, and our lives back to where we can support others within our communities. Let’s see some evidence that we the people are able to rise up from beneath Big Business and Corporations.

Let’s explore where we are able to expend our energies to our communities and families. With the new innovations that are being built, we are ready, able, willing, and delighted to help each other make our lives work with more integrity, more excitement, and more joy!
What changes are you seeing in the world? How are you living your life differently from the past? Are you ready to make more changes and to see new ways to do the things that we thought we knew how to do?
Consider and explore these changes! They will continue to grow. There is simply no doubt about it!
Can you imagine a world where you can borrow (and lend to those reliable people in need) what you need without big banks and finance companies?  The Lending Club provides a place for just this!
Have you used AirBNB yet? It is a wonderful way to spend less when you travel, give your money to real people (as opposed to big corporations), meet amazing people, and have a sweet place to stay!! I had a wonderful experience through AirBNB recently and eagerly anticipate more in the future!
Speaking of travel; How fun to have someone plan and design a travel experience for you that lives in the area you are visiting!  Create a unique travel experience by having a local person help you plan and design your trip with Vayable
The way we get around in the world is also in upheaval and change, as more and more folks realize there are better options, than previously conceived, for getting around their cities! Uber seamlessly connects riders to drivers, making cities more accessible. Uber is now in over 35 cities and is rapidly expanding as it connects people and their cities!
The list goes on and on….
Farmer’s Markets and Farm Shares are cropping up even in relatively small towns, bringing consumers and farmers together.
Car Share programs enable people to use a car when they need it rather than being stuck with the burden of ownership. Check for local Car Share programs as well!
Buying clothes has taken an interesting turn with sites like Poshmark to buy and sell clothes from the closets of others!!
How about finding safe, reliable help in your neighborhood for anything from raking your yard, shoveling your driveway, or taking your mother to lunch!! Taskrabbit is here to help!

There are so many examples of unique innovations that are changing our world in profound ways.
Consider ‘the unstoppable rise of the share economy‘; farm shares, green burials, car shares, micro job sites!
What other examples can you think of? We are becoming unplugged from large corporations in very interesting and significant ways. What innovations can you help to develop, or help to move forward, in your own life or community? These are very exciting times! Take a bit of time to explore these innovations.
Our lives, our communities, our world, is transforming before our eyes! Keep your awareness sharp and your eyes open! You have a front row seat!