Taurus New Moon and Solar Eclipse – April 30, 2022, 4:28 PM Eastern Time

written by Jennie Date of Hidden Path Astrology

Inhabit Your Body

At the New Moon, we normally think about planting a seed of intention for the month ahead.  However, at this lunation the Moon blocks the light of the Sun, adding the different focus of an eclipse.  Eclipses draw your attention to the subconscious material that impedes your ability to be fully present.  The Moon in Taurus suggests inhabiting and moving your body to release this material. 

Our Bodies Hold The Keys

Taurus contains qualities of stability, stubbornness, and resilience.  As a fixed earth sign, Taurus relates to the physical body, which requires cellular and systemic equilibrium for smooth operation.  Our bodies also hold the keys to engaging with unprocessed emotions, the detritus that ensnares us in the past.  Dropping into your body lets you be with the hurt, learn how to move with it, and reintegrate the lost parts of self.

Disconnection and Reconnection

In our sedentary technological existence, humans have become increasingly disconnected from our bodies and consequently, from our role as stewards of the natural world.  This disconnection triggers the darker side of Taurus, describing a descent into a morass of hoarding and possession.  When a single wealthy man can buy a multi-billion dollar corporation outright, we can no longer deny the absurdity of greed that permeates the culture.  On the other hand, campaigns like One Billion Rising exemplify the powerful Taurus impulse to inhabit the body, using dance to protest the abuse of women and the environment.

Wake Up Your Body

During this New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus, wake up your body.  Move, cook, dance, walk, garden, make love, do yoga, get a massage.  Use your Rising sign (or your Sun sign if you don’t know it), read below to discover which part of life most benefits from releasing what holds you back.

  • With Aries Rising, inhabit your body to dislodge what blocks your self-worth.  Move your body as an act of self-love. 
  • With Taurus Rising, inhabit your body as a form of physical self-awareness.  Release ego blocks that prevent you from genuinely engaging with others. 
  • With Gemini Rising, recognize your body as a temple, a vessel for divinity.  Release the false constructs that make you feel separate from the collective. 
  • With Cancer Rising, engage in an outdoor physical effort with your group of friends.  Release any feelings of not fitting in with the group.
  • With Leo Rising, anchor yourself in your body in your profession.  Release the need for overly rigid boundaries at work by engaging with your colleagues on a new level.
  • With Virgo Rising, drop into your body to recognize its innate wisdom.  Identify the prejudices and hang-ups that limit your ability to open your mind. 
  • With Libra Rising, engage deeply with your body to cultivate a sense of trust.  Let any walls you have built up soften into healthy boundaries. 
  • With Scorpio Rising, tune into the sensations of your body as you connect physically and/or emotionally in any of your partnerships.  Release whatever blocks your deep engagement with the other person.
  • With Sagittarius Rising, connect with your body as a daily health practice.  Release any judgments about your body and feel its aliveness.
  • With Capricorn Rising, enjoy being in your body as a form of exuberant self-expression. Play, dance, and create to release whatever holds you back from being joyful. 
  • With Aquarius Rising, find a powerful sense of physical grounding in your home and amongst your chosen family.  Release the attachments to any family roles. 
  • With Pisces Rising, move through your day-to-day environment firmly grounded in your body.  Transport yourself under your body’s own power.  Release limiting mindsets.

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