The purpose and the significance of astrology is not to tell us what, or whom we will meet along the corridors and pathways of our lives.
What astrology can tell us is how to approach each crossroad along these paths we travel.
Astrology can point us toward an understanding of why the road leads us in the direction we find ourselves moving in.
It can show us the areas of our lives that will be activated at different times and what types of energies and strengths are needed to find the shortest or most effective route to travel.
It can show us which directions to take and which to avoid in the ongoing unfoldment of our most individual self.
The goal of working with our charts should be one of coming to an understanding of who we are without an unconscious, compulsive bondage to the rules of the family, collective, and culture we were raised in.
What we are reaching for is individuation or true inner freedom!