Yesterday seemed quiet, eerily quiet, perhaps. The eye-of-the-storm.
Consider what is below the story we keep telling ourselves.
Don’t try to find (or make up) another story-line; that would simply complicate the issue.
What is the energy below the story-line? Intense emotion is powerful and not easy to clearly see.

Two days ago the LIBRA SUN SQUARED PLUTO(CAPRICORN) and we were allowed to (or forced to) see both sides of an issue. 
Our desire to be helpful, compromise, and bring beauty to the world has been at an impasse with the power structures that believe they have the right to intense levels of power and control.
Think about this on both the large, national, and world stage, as well as in your own individual and private life.
If we keep our eyes open we see the reflections of the clash between these powerful energies in nearly every sector of life.
Today’s LIBRA SUN OPPOSES URANUS(ARIES), we are no longer able to avoid or deny the strain (and/or powerful excitement) on all systems, personal and universal.

Let us take responsibility for making good use of this unexpectedly powerful energy.
We must take hold of this energy before we become afraid. 
Move with it, ride it, for all it is worth; in the direction of excitement, anticipation, and joy.
The world, our culture, and our lives are changing, there is no doubt.
We can be afraid or we can open with curiosity to the excitement and possibility of what is new.
This is a time of great opportunity!
The world is ready for brilliant innovations and intense transformation of our world. 
Stay alert. Help others. Be patient. Be kind.