Today Mercury turns direct!

Yes we are relieved! Life moves forward! We are ready for new projects and new plans! Don’t jump too quickly, however, as it takes a few days for Mercury to make the shift and get into its flow!  Anything that requires great courage, strength and determined action should probably wait for Mars to turn direct on April 13th. 

However, let’s talk about Venus’ movement into Gemini! Venus entered Gemini yesterday and the shift feels great!

Today I arrived at the meditation center, that I am lucky enough to attend, and was surprised to encounter several folks I know from other areas of my life. Everyone seemed unusually animated, friendly and chatty!  It felt great to make those connections!

This is Venus in Gemini!

Due to a lengthy retrograde period (from 5/15 through 6/27), Venus will reside in this adaptable, curious sign throughout much of our summer, not entering the next sign of Cancer until August 7, 2012! I do love watching the magic of Astrology!

Venus is in charge of everything in our lives that we hold dear. It refers to our values, our relationships, our material goods, our financial situation, and the money in our pockets and our bank accounts! Venus is all about what brings us pleasure, what we enjoy, who we enjoy, and what brings value to our lives.

Gemini is an Air sign, which means it is involved, primarily with the intellect. While Venus moves through Gemini the intellectual connection; the thoughts, ideas, and conversations we share with others will be the most important part of our relationships. If the people in our lives do not connect with us strongly in communication, shared beliefs, and intellectual ideas it will be difficult to feel satisfied or be interested in spending time in those relationships.
At this time we are looking for mental connections rather than emotional connections. We may find ourselves impatient with emotions during this time. Reading, writing, and sharing ideas in a social setting is what we will be looking for!

This is the time to start a meet-up group! A book group, a study group, any group that meets to discuss ideas or personal values! If you can find or create a group to discuss ideas of how to work with shared values. Money and resources are topics that will hold deep curiosity and growth. This is the time to begin working toward new ways of dealing with money and resources. What a great time to start a Time Bank, or a Service Exchange! I know we need one here in Burlington, Vermont!  Who is up for that challenge?!

Gemini is also a mutable sign indicating the ability to adapt to changing patters, Gemini needs flexibility and variety. There is a great amount of curiosity during this transit. Curiosity to explore a wide range of ideas and people! It is good to have our options open and to enjoy a variety of experiences and friends during this time. We want intellectual connections of all sorts, deep serious conversation as well as witty light banter.

Communications is the key to this time.

We want to enjoy youthful energy, people who are socially engaged, with a quick wit who are interested in talking and engaging in a variety of topics.  We have an unending curiosity about others. This is a time of gathering information about what is worthy of our attention, who and what we want to engage with.

Please write and tell me what you are learning and communicating about. There are important topics to study and share!