I am grateful for hot coffee and hot showers. How many of us wake up each morning to drink our hot cup of coffee followed by a hot shower? How many of us have had those pleasures each morning for 20, 30, 40 or more years? The simple habits of our lives are so easy to take for granted, to be barely aware of. How often do we pause and truly appreciate that deep strong taste in our mouth? That steaming hot water on our back? There are many people on this planet who would respond with deep awe to these things we give little thought to, who have never experienced these pleasures.What are we thankful for this morning? A great question to start any day with!
With the Moon in Cancer our emotions are close to the surface today. Our awareness turns to issues of security and family. Be aware of your place in your world. Hold steady. It would only take a bit of unconsciousness to slide into early life patterns that are not healthy for us today. Pay attention to the others in your environment; watch for signs of defensiveness, moodiness and anxiety. Offer the more positive side of Cancer; cooking, nurturing and tender-hearted kindness.
The Moon loves to be in Cancer, values the opportunity to tap into love and sensitivity. The day holds more complexity than that, we have the opportunity to learn skills of patience as we may encounter a situation where there it too much emotion or conversation that is not appropriate for the situation. Perhaps that is the moment to distract by turning the conversation to more mutually pleasing subjects; food, children or loved ones.
If the situation gets tough, slow yourself down and calmly ask a simple question: “What are you grateful for today?”
Listen to the answer.