Honesty and Freedom


‘Night Snow’ photo by Laurie

Last night we had a New Moon in Aquarius and this evening at 6:18pm Mercury moves into Aquarius as well!
With an overdose of Aquarius energy we are very aware of places in our lives where we are feeling confined, controlled, restrained or held down! With Mercury, the Moon, Mars, Sun and Neptune all in Aquarius we are currently feeling an overwhelming need to escape, break free or REVOLT!
As the light comes back and we know that Spring will come again we feel a growing need for independence and freedom.
During times of high Aquarius energy even devotion to our loved ones will not keep us from the changes that are being demanded of us. In order to move into the future we can not allow the feelings of others, or our concern for others, get in the way. There is detachment to this process of change. The Future calls to us and this Change must come first. This is one of those times.
It is time for to say what is true – yes, it may be difficult for another to hear and/or for you to say. We must detach from the emotions involved and simply, with kindness, speak the truth. Once the truth is spoken each person involved will be able to progress to the next level and move more openly to the future.
As Venus moves into Capricorn (2/5) we may feel the need/desire to add more of an element of responsibility and reality to our relationships.
Look into your life and find the places where freedom and responsibility go hand in hand – where your independence makes responsibly possible and where you must hold firmly to reality in order to understand the value of true freedom.
Where in your life do you want more freedom or independence? During this New Moon energy, write this down in the form of an aspiration. Work with finding ways to make create this in your life. It likely starts with a highly honest, and possibly uncomfortable, conversation. With Jupiter so newly in Aries and Uranus so close behind, the results of any such honest conversation may surprise you!
Make an appointment to talk about how this issue affects your life and the best ways to use this energy!
Send me a note. Let’s set up a time to talk in person, on the phone or Skype.
‘Street Light in the Snow’ photo by Laurie

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