Hold Off On Shopping

A sense of sadness, heaviness or responsibility may have kicked in last night as ARIES MOON OPPOSED SATURN.

Perhaps our dreams were filled with more loneliness and longing than we would have expected given the sweetness of our day. Perhaps the VENUS TRINE MARS of yesterday had us hoping for more than what we were left with by bedtime.

But here we are onto another day, and with it the MOON ENTERS slow and steady TAURUS at 10:35AM EDT.  This Moon offers us a very different mood and a very different environment for our hearts than what we have experienced in the past few days!

Our reactions have slowed down, we are more interested in comfort and in creating stability and consistency. We want safety and things to stay the same.  Exploration and taking risks will wait for anther day.  Today our hearts are more predictable and dependable.

Shortly after entering Taurus the MOON JOINS UP WITH JUPITER, enlarging our capacity for patience (which we have been very short on for several days).  Jupiter also enlarges the materialistic bent of Taurus, bringing this part of our nature to the forefront.  It is probably a good idea to hold off on the shopping today.

The idea that material goods can sooth and comfort us is probably strong this afternoon, leave the credit cards at home.  Remember that  security is not ensured by money or possessions.  Yes, the holidays are upon us but, please wait until Mercury turns direct (December 13th) before we consider spending. Today is not the day to Shop!

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