I am grateful for so many things in my life. Mostly for my family and loved ones and for my ability to connect with many other humans. I am deeply grateful for astrology as a vehicle which has enabled me to understand and work to support the struggles of others.

Today is the NEW MOON (in Sagittarius) and a PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. The NEW MOON follows on the heels of the DARK OF THE MOON.
Much of this week we have been in a silent time, our minds and hearts needing a rest before this new cycle began. Today we feel the stirring of the new seed, the new cycle (within other cycles) begins.  We will not yet know what form this seed will take, but we will now be entrusted with the job of nurturing that deep inner spark.  Because it is in Sagittarius there is the indication that this seed will grow into full flower as an expansion toward our ideal future.
Anyone with open eyes can see how dramatically the world and our culture is changing. These changes are happening quickly. We may be feeling a deep sense of enthusiasm, hope and confidence.  At first glance we may miss the reasons for this new found faith in the future.  As we open our eyes we are able to see that there are actually many new signs of hope in the world! People everywhere are finding new ways to encounter old problems, we are discovering ways to live our lives that we had not encountered before.
During this eclipse, and the Lunar Eclipse that follows on December 10 (eclipse always occur in pairs) we are ecouraged to   truly seek out and live our deepest truth. Eclipses bring a deep shift in the fabric of our lives and our perspectives bringing the possibility of innovation intended to break up old habits and patterns.
Each one of us plays a critical part in the existence of the whole of humanity.  It is time to take responsibility for our actions, our beliefs and our ways of living.  Now as never before, we must find a way to live which will resonate with our deepest beliefs. We must each step forward to support and uplift the whole.