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December 13, 2012:

Today we come out of the Dark of the Moon and into the SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON!

Each NEW MOON presents us with the opportunity to begin again!

We can develop a new idea, a new direction, a new plan!

Today’s NEW MOON is at 21 degrees, 45minutes of SAGITTARIUS. What house in your horoscope holds this space?

Whatever this house represents, this is the area of our lives that needs our attention for the next month. This is the area that requires renewal, new direction, and adventure!

Make a plan, make a list, brainstorm what can move this area of  life forward in a way that will bring  more freedom, more excitement, and more joy!


URANUS TURNS DIRECT at 7:02AM EST!  Uranus has been retrograde since July 13, 2012.   URANUS is now at 4 degrees Aries! Again, look to the house that holds this degree!

There is something in this area (represented by the house that Uranus is moving through) that you must experience. Something that has been stalled or stuck since last summer. Something you have been resisting is ready for a sudden shift! 

Now is the time!

What is straining to break open?

Where Uranus moves we long for freedom, independence, and most of all: adventure!

I think of the sudden forward motion of URANUS as a damn opening up and spilling forth it’s contents! There is no longer the need to hold back!

Do not try to hold back that dam! Allow it to break free!

Insights and revelations may come unexpectedly over the next days. Uranus triggers a shift in direction through sudden insights and startling new perspectives. Keep your heart and mind open to unusual ideas that come seemingly out of the blue.

Where Uranus moves we can not take anything for granted, expect that we can expect the unexpected.

Throw expectations to the wind. Remain open and available for big change!


4:42PM EST, MOON ENTERS CAPRICORN bringing our thoughts to the seriousness of these adventures and this excitement. We begin to notice the necessity of building something strong, of making sure that life is managed effectively even in the midst of the thrill of the shifting sands. 

Take it easy this evening, A quiet evening, time alone would sooth us following the intensity of today.

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