Well we sure are kicking off this month with a great deal of energy!  The New Moon in Gemini is exact at 5:03PM EDT and is followed by a partial solar eclipse at 5:16PM EDT which falls at 11 degrees of Gemini.
An eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun causing the image of the Sun to be obstructed as it is seen from the perspective of Earth.
New Moons signify the beginning of a cycle, a fresh start, a clean slate or a rebirth!
Eclipses trigger changes that are necessary in order to proceed with one’s life journey. They providing the extra energy that is needed to do what must be done.   A moment, an event or a shift of some kind that we have been waiting for is now ready to transpire.
What in your life has been simmering on a back burner. There is energy now to move forward to what is new.
This New Moon, being in Gemini, highlights issues of social connections, intellectual curiosity, communications, writing, speaking and cerebral issues of all kinds.
Communication or some type of intellectual project or pursuit is an integral part of this issue.  Perhaps you have a writing or speaking project that you are ready to embark on or ready to re-engage in. Perhaps you have some intensely honest communications that must be shared in order to move into a new stage that your life is calling  you to.  Perhaps learning new skills or courage in communication IS the rebirth, perhaps the new cycle is about, finally, creating honest communications.
If you have planets near 11 degrees of any of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) this will be a particularly powerful time for you in this regard.
Saturn, still retrograde in Libra, is forming a close Trine to this eclipse in Gemini. This indicates the ability to build a strong foundation to any new endeavor and adds an element of stability, structure and care to any new project.  This is a welcome support that suggests stamina, longevity, responsibility and focus.
I believe this is a time for us to take ourselves very seriously. To understand the importance of our communications and our words. Do not use them lightly without forethought. Words can not be taken back once they have been said. I am sure we have all had times where we have been painfully aware of that fact!  During this time be aware of your thoughts, use your ability to communicate with respect and care.  Speak the truth and speak up for the truth. 
I’d like to think that with this Gemini New Moon/ Solar Eclipse that we have available a new, well scrubbed, clean slate to put words on that are important and relevant and well thought out.  I plan, and intend to work with care and discretion to create the communications that will lead to the loving, kind connections that I believe it is now time to develop anew.
June 1st is also the date that my daughter is due to have her first child, my first grandchild.