From The Depths We Choose Expansion

Saturday, December 15, 2012:

Yesterday and most of today the MOON has been traveling through the serious, authoritative, ambitious, and sometimes harsh land of CAPRICORN. Her encounter with PLUTO & URANUS brought us the intensity and power struggles we had to deal with yesterday.

Later yesterday afternoon our minds encountered something unusually intense as MERCURY TRINE URANUS.

Whatever is on our minds at this time is intensely stimulating, bringing to our minds the sense of an electric jolt to our system.

Have you had wild, unexpected insights or unusual conversations? There is still time for this throughout today. What new directions of thought and new cultural awareness are we aware of at this time?

Where are we being asked to open our minds to new insights and awareness?

The universe is requiring that we open our perspective to each other and the world around us. It is time that we more deeply understand the differences and the similarities between us. We each see the world from a very different perspective and yet we each have so much similar within our nature.

If we can truly understand in every cell of our being, how similar we are, it will change us fully. When that awareness is complete we finally understand that there is no space to judge another.

Regardless of the appearance of the situation or how justified we feel in our judgement!

Now is the time to open our understanding of others wider than we ever thought possible, wider than seems wise!

Today the MOON shifts into AQUARIUS at 4:53 PM. Bringing the energy of URANUS to greater heights. We are somewhat detached emotionally; feeling more concerned with the fate of humanity than with the individual.

This is a great evening for social engagement. Consider putting your energy into a community endevour.

Just before midnight Venus, the planet of beauty, love, romance, and cooperation, enters Sagittarius after moving through Scorpio, where she has been since November 21st.

We may have encountered some dark intensity while Venus was in Scorpio. Perhaps we have dealt with obsessiveness and difficulty letting go of situations or relationships that we are aware have not been healthy for us.

Now we will be willing, able, and ready to move to the next phase in that area!

We no longer find the obsession or darkness calling us. We are more interested in freedom and expansion of ideas. We can let go of the darkness and look clearly at what we have learned during our time there.

From the depths of darkness we open outward, heart accepting the next step along the path.

Enjoy the weekend. Gather with others, show gratitude and kindness!

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