Sunday, November 25, 2012:
The only exact planetary alignment yesterday was a delightful little connection between MARS AND SATURN. We still have a touch of that energy throughout our day today.
What has seemed like play longs to be more than that.
Both yesterday and today offer us the opportunity to practice patience, practicality, and persistence.
However with yesterday’s VOC Moon being the longest I ever remember seeing (It lasted from 8:35PM EST on Friday until this morning – Sunday) whatever we accomplished with the MARS SATURN ASPECT will probably not have any long term effect on our lives. 
When the MOON ENTERS TAURUS at 7:19AM EST we feel the shift as we settle into a quieter energy. 
After the last few days of the MOON in aggressive, self-important Aries, it now enters into slow and steady Taurus.
Early this morning this quiet, stable TAURUS MOON encounters NEPTUNE, coloring the morning with a mist of gentle softness.
We may long to remain in bed far later than we are able. We feel dreamy and somehow connected with a higher consciousness and light. We want to stay in the soft cocoon of home and love. The outside world may seem harsher than we are ready to engage with.
As evening approaches THE MOON connects with VENUS and then SATURN.
Perhaps this is simply the reflection of us heading back to reality after the long holiday weekend. To me it feels bittersweet!
Each morning my alarm wakes me at 6am. Here in Northern Vermont, USA it is still dark at this hour.
I turn on the heat to take the night’s chill off, start the coffee, and sit by my window. I watch the light slowly brighten the sky.
For the past few mornings I have has the supreme joy of watching the crows gather just as the SUN begins to brighten the sky. Hundreds of crows, dark against the sky, calling to one another across the distance.
The life of crows has always filled me with fascination. Seeing and hearing them fills me with a deep connection to the natural world, a deep longing, and a deep contentment at the same time.
When I was a child my father saved a young crow that fell from the sky after a battle with a raven (strange!).

He built a cage around an apple tree in our back yard and we (my siblings and I) sat and talked to the crow every morning, and every evening throughout that summer. I believe it was 1967.
When the crows gathered, loudly and with great drama, that Fall we took down the cage and let him join his family and community!
For many years, he came back each Spring to that apple tree, to visit with us and our ducks who had also befriended him that Summer.
Crows have been characterized in several different ways.
I like the idea that they carry souls from darkness into light, they guard against fear in the dark; also crows are shape-shifters and keepers of spiritual law, with a great love of bright shiny objects!