Wednesday, November14, 2012:
Enjoy the lighter energy of today’s SAGITTARIUS MOON!
I spent many hours in the car with a dear friend yesterday. We shared a great deal of inspiring conversation and an intimate exploration of ideas.
This friend and I are ‘Astrological Time Twins’ (well, technically not, but close enough to have an amazing level of similarities between who we are and the lives we have lived).
Having known each other since 1976, it feels that we have lived may lifetimes side by side. It is an honor to know someone long enough and well enough to watch the life of that person unfold and to share in the ongoing un-foldment.
The perspective of astrology helps to illuminate the similarities and differences between ourselves and other people in our lives. This language puts a light on human relationships that can bring profound understanding.
Each person that we meet, regardless of how different they may seem from us, have the similarity of a shared experience of living a human life. This human life is reflected in the horoscope which contains the same planets as our horoscope, against the same back drop of signs and houses.
Each of us have Mars in our chart reflecting our drive and ability to take action, we each have Mercury reflecting how process communication and thought, we each have Jupiter reflecting our ability to expand and develop opinions about the philosophical issues of our life experience.  Each planet is in a certain sign which colors its expression, and in a certain house which reflects the area of our life we encounter this expression in.
Our similarities are profound, as are our differences.
How is it possible for someone with their Moon in the fiery active sign of Aries to truly understand the emotional needs of someone with their Moon in the watery sensitive sign of Cancer? How does a person with Venus in Taurus, with the love of stability and sensuality, understand someone with Venus in Aquarius, who values eccentricity and detachment?

The language of astrology shows our differences and our similarities, it allows us, or, perhaps it demands that we respect those differences. We can not change another, we can only change how we perceive them. 
Over time we are able to come to an understanding and respect for the differences, and the similarities, of others.
Without exception, each person we meet wants to be happy. Each person we meet wants to avoid suffering. Every single person has that in common.
Think about that the next time you see someone you are tempted judge, for any reason, whatsoever, no exception!
Perhaps we are on opposite sides of a Mountain. We are attempting to describe what seems so obvious to us. And yet we speak words that the other person does not understand.
We are saying the same thing even though it does not seem so. We must be patient to come to Understanding. There is no magic pill, but really it is a simple path. Patience is Key.

© by Laurie Farrington


November 2012