We are passing through such amazing times! What has prepared us for this? Is it possible to understand more deeply? To see the patterns in our behavior from a more universal perspective?
Can we allow the transformation that is occurring unimpeded?
Be the bending branch of the willow tree! Bend with the wind, with the tornado, with the hurricane.

How strong we are equals how flexible we are. 
We can open our eyes and be more aware of the patterns, watch them in those around us; feel them in ourselves.
Watch the movements of the planets, watch how they speak to each other, how they join together, move apart, come back once again to start over. The cycles; coming together, moving apart, coming back, joining once again. The cycle of life.
The cycle of our lives, the cycle of our relationships. We learn to understand life so deeply through the planets.
Learn Astrology, over time the understanding that you will gain about yourself, your life, and those around you will transform everything about you and how you live your life.