The MOON WILL BE IN LIBRA until Tuesday morning providing us with the energy to make connections with others. The SQUARE BETWEEN VENUS AND SATURN, which began yesterday is with us throughout today as well, asking that we continue to pay close attention to those areas of relationships that may not be fun but are necessary in order to sustain the love/companionship between the parties involved.
We somehow grow up believing that love and relationship should be all fun, pleasure and passion. We see folks sporting t-shirts and sweatshirts that proclaim “If Its Not Fun, Why Do It?” In a climate/culture that can ask such a question, it is no wonder it is difficult to gain maturity in ourselves and in our relationships!
It seems rather naive to believe that we can function through our lives and only do what is “fun”. It seems equally naive to believe that our relationships can fulfill our needs and yet not demand something from us. It is important that we come to understand our responsibilities toward ourselves and those we love. Self respect is at issue here as well. Don’t we instinctively know that we can not throw others under the bus without ourselves being run over in the process? The sooner we deeply understand that our own fate is intricately tied to the fate of others the sooner we may reach some maturity in our relationships and as a culture.
The connection between VENUS AND SATURN asks that we pay attention to where either our own or a loved one’s needs are not being met. Where is our responsibility to those we love and care about? With Saturn continuing his trek through LIBRA, we continue to ask about our place in supporting our needs and the needs of our partners.
We may have the sense of a cold film enveloping our heart as we struggle against unwanted obligations and responsibilities for the next several days. Rather than trying to escape these difficult feelings, allow space to feel the energy without allowing space for the story that wants to make it someone else’s fault.
In the very core of that heavy feeling of struggle, duty, personal values and love, there is deep wisdom to be found. As this passes we may find the core of kindness that allows lovers and friends to care for each other without resentment but with a true sense of unselfish service and the wish for what is best for the other as well as for the self. Resisting responsibility for others is resiting personal growth and responsibility for the self as well. We really are all in this together!
The VENUS SQUARE SATURN also comes at the perfect time to alert us to the way we are managing our finances during this holiday season. If we are spending frivolously, without caution as though it were 1990, we will likely be experiencing depression and guilt. Our shame will increase as those credit card bills come due. The time is upon us to become aware of the amount of our work lives that are dedicated toward our debt rather than toward our living!! The time is upon us to take responsibility and develop the maturity to confront these issues on a personal and cultural level.

Today the SUN SEXTILES SATURN as well. This is a supportive aspect to what we have just talked about. The warmth and light of the Sun lends its support to the maturity that must, at this time, be developed in our relationships to our loved ones and to our resources and finances. Our lives do not work well if we shirk our responsibilities. Right now we have the support necessary to at least begin to face those responsibilities.
As we head toward the CAPRICORN NEW MOON on December 24th we have a bit of time to make some adjustments in these areas of our finances, our values and relationships. Let’s take a moment today to see what adjustments are possible, make those adjustments and then rest in the knowledge that we have done what is possible and we now proceed forward. Once the adjustments have been made, simply observe, without interference what is now transpiring.